21 Worthy Open Space Kitchen for Spacious Impression Apartment

It is known that small space is the problem that you’ll have when living in the apartment. However, you can still strive on this problem not to give you troublesome. From all of the ideas to deal with small apartment, one of those is by creating the open space kitchen. In this case, you will get the spacious impression because you don’t apply any room separator. Here we are going to show you some open space kitchen decoration style that you can adapt.

Modern Style

Modern style will be really worthy for an apartment. It is because the one who live in the apartment must be the modern people. Moreover, apartment is also located in the city where modern is the lifestyle that the occupant have. For modern open space kitchen, you can adapt the simplicity principle. Here are some of the examples.

Choosing an open kitchen design for your small apartment is highly recommended. With a modern design, it is very fitting to make your apartment look classy.
This white simple open space kitchen is something that you can apply to your modern apartment. With an open kitchen that integrates with the living room is indeed something new but amazing.
If you have a small apartment, this open kitchen design might be an amazing idea. The kitchen that integrates with other rooms will look beautiful.
Mini apartment with open kitchen style will make your room look modern. Especially with the selection of the right color will support your open kitchen decor.
Open kitchen design with modern yet elegant color choices and combined with modern lighting can make your apartment look perfect. This design is able to make the room in your apartment look classy.
The concept of an open kitchen for an apartment has become a style that you must emulate. With a kitchen design that blends with the living room you can even easily giving the treat to your guests.
The design of an apartment with an open kitchen is indeed unusual, if you like this design maybe you are someone who likes a functional apartment design.
The white color is perfect to make your apartment looks beautiful. It could create the sleek and clean impression which is important for the small space.
This is a very different idea by combining an open kitchen that blends with the living room suitable for your small apartment.
This one is a functional room design with a modern style, especially with the idea of ​​an open kitchen that become one of the perfect apartment designs.
This modern and stylish design might be suitable for this apartment. Especially with an open kitchen style that will make your apartment look perfect.

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Farmhouse Style

Besides the modern style that will match for your apartment, farmhouse will also really worthy. It is important especially for you who need the warm atmosphere for your occupancy. It is known that farmhouse has its special atmosphere that can bring the warm and peaceful rural touch. Here are the farmhouse open kitchen style that you can apply into your small apartment.

Open kitchen design with farmhouse style is an attractive design for your apartment. The choice of colors and design is crucial to make a beautiful apartment.
The open kitchen of the modern farm style is the perfect combination design to make your modern apartment looks warm.

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The wooden kitchen island look harmonious with the wooden dining table. Then, the gray metal cushions and wire chairs to make your apartment look simple but warm.
White neutral open space kitchen color scheme in wood material as the domination is really warm. You can integrate it with the living room with wooden floor material.
Open kitchen farmhouse style and living room with neon accents to make your small apartment looks perfect.
The open kitchen is completely white with wood material which is really harmonious with the living room color concept.
The open kitchen of the farmhouse that integrate with the living room consider to make your apartment look perfect.
You can combine the all white open space kitchen with the living room featuring a variety of blue color to make your apartment looks beautiful.

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Not all of this white open farm kitchen decorations look old. It even has the modern sleek look with the wooden material which is great for your apartment.

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Open kitchen design with some functional storage has indeed become one of the amazing design ideas. Especially with the style of this farmhouse will make your apartment looks elegant.
You can apply the style of a farmhouse to enhance your open kitchen design. This design is perfect to make your apartment looks special.

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Between the modern or farmhouse style, each of them has its own characteristic and impression. When choosing the style, you just need to simply adjust your choice based on the impression you want. In this case, if you love something simple in basic neutral color and something sleek, then modern in your best choice. However, if you need the warm atmosphere around your modern world, then farmhouse is the right one. Anyway, combining both of them will be great too!

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