21 Pretty and Worthy Indoor Planter Ideas for Your Small Apartment

You might live in an apartment where you have to deal with small apartment decoration. Moreover, you may do not have any outdoor space to grow some plants but you can still strive on to have it indoor. Talking about this, you can have it by providing the indoor planter from the hanging one to those that set in the rack. Here we are going to show you some references of the planters use so that you can consider on what planter you wanna have.

Hanging with Macrame

Hanging planter could be applied by using several materials like the chain, or simply by hanging it into the wall. However, here we are going to show you the hanging planter that using macrame as the means to hang it. Macrame is really interesting as it can be created into some different styles. Moreover, it is also unique and has its own artistic characteristic.

Creative indoor hanging planter with macrame rope plant holder which added with tassel at the bottom to beautify the macrame.
Planter inspiration from white macrame that you can hang on the corner of your house to make it memorable

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Succulent is the plant that could be worthy for your indoor plant. Then, you can also hang it by using the macrame and added with beads.
If you’ve never touched a macrame project before, can you try adding macrame to hang your succulent plants on the wall then on the bottom you make it looks like tassel.
You can add a modern touch to your macrame using simple, elongated patterns and black ropes to hang your vines.
You don’t need to make a very complicated macrame holder to make it pretty because this simple one could be proper enough for you.
The big gold ring can be the perfect match for this macrame hanging planter. The blue pastel color is really match with the macrame.
Inspirational macrame hanging planter with large colorful pom pom to really beautify the planter. Moreover, it also make the planter even more stand out.
This simple macrame combined with mason jar can a really good match in the same white color. Use it to hang your vines succulent.
You can get the look of this macrame plant hanger by combining wooden beads that will display more unique look.
If you want a macrame plant hanger, add a nice pink color to your indoor plant.

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Set in Rack

In case you still have enough space in your apartment and want to have the plants near you, you can set the planters into the rack. Here, the rack could be in several different types from the form and material. In this case, whether the wood and iron could both durable because the planter paced indoor. Since it doesn’t exposed by the sunlight, then even the rack is made of wood, it will be durable too.

This plant stand made of durable wood that can fit at least six medium sized potted plants which suitable for you to apply.
Inspiring stand holder made from black iron material to put some indoor plants that suitable for you to provide for your apartment.
This green wooden rack can be the harmonious one to set your plants. It is because green can be the color that match with greenery.
Providing the unique iron rack for your planter is such a worthy. Look at how awesome this rack could be for your apartment.

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Wooden ladder rack leaning against the wall used to put some of your plants. With this you can present an industrial atmosphere with this color combination.
For alternative storage or to put some of your plants in your living room, you can use the bookshelves. In addition, you can still use it to arrange your books while it also utilized to place your indoor plants.
Some colorful glazed pots or planters can go a long way to cheering up a blank wall, you can put it on the wooden hanging rack on the wall.

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This simple two-level stands that you can provide to put indoor plants will minimize your apartment space since it is set it stages.
Use a ladder rack to put some of your indoor plants and some small ornament. To make it more attractive, you can paint your rack with cool colors.
This wooden leader rack is very practical to put some of the succulent you have. This leader rack can also be folded so it’s easy if you want to get a new atmosphere since you can move it.

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In choosing the way you want to set the planter in your apartment, you just need to simply adjust it based on you apartment condition. Here, you can consider on the space, apartment style, and your personal taste. Moreover, you can also adjust it based on plants you are going to grow because it will closely related with the way you have to put it.

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