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21 Proper Balcony Decoration for Your Apartment to Chill

Having a balcony is enough for you who live in the apartment and do not have a chance to own a yard. In this case, you can utilize the balcony to be the porch or patio and outdoor greenery spot at the same time. So that here, you can have a chance to own the outdoor greenery and not only the indoor apartment greenery. That is why, you have to give your best effort to decorate your balcony until it has its maximum function. In hence, you should consider into things when decoration your apartment balcony as follows.


The most important furniture for your balcony will be the seats. It is a must so that you can really enjoy your chilling time there. Then, if you still have enough space, you can add it with small coffee table to put the snacks and beverage. Anyway, the table is just additionally. You can skip the table when you think that would make your balcony looks crowded.

Yellow rattan hanging chair that suitable to apply to your apartment so you can relax to see the scenery.
Small space balcony apartment with the wooden pallet arranged for your seat. To give more comfort, you can add blanket and pillows.
Weaving long chairs are very comfortable if you use it to relax in your apartment balcony. To give you more comfort, add with the soft pad and cushions.
L-shaped seat made of wood block material that you can apply to be used as the rack too. It is great because you can even apply the ornament for your balcony into this rack.
For you who want to use the balcony to relax with your family, you can provide such a comfortable sofa made of wooden pallet then add faux fur and sofa cushion.
Unique rattan chairs and table made of rattan look very practical for your apartment. Moreover, it is also really warm with its farmhouse yet rustic impression.
A simple seat for your apartment balcony made from the wooden pallet that added with soft foam and pillow to be comfortable.

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The important point number two for balcony after the seats is the greenery. Not only to make your balcony looks pretty, it also used to create the fresh air into it. Moreover, the greenery can also give you such a fresh and peaceful atmosphere into your apartment. Those impression become really important when you live in an apartment because it will located in the city where peaceful is something really needed.

Plants must have large planters so you can put it in the corner that can be used to filter the dust that enters the apartment.
Some lush plants you can apply to the balcony of your apartment to get a fresh atmosphere.
Fresh plants arrangement are suitable for you to apply to your balcony and you can add vines that are hung on your balcony railings.

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Beautiful flower suitable if you apply to your balcony using small garden bed planters that hung on your balcony fence.
Some green plants applied into your balcony will make it feels cool and there won’t be too much dust comes in.

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Some flower plants are hung on the balcony railings of your apartment to make them feel beautiful.

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Palm trees grow into a white high planter and other stone planter in neutral colors are really awesome in diversity.

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For any space that utilized to do the activity even if it is only to chill out, lighting is a must to be installed. Then here, the third thing to be considered when decorating your balcony is the lighting. There will be so many choices when talking about lighting. What you have to do is choosing the one that fit well with your balcony condition or decoration style.

The lighting here installed into the ceiling of the balcony. In hence, the same lamps are also applied under the seats.

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The strings of lighting that you propagate on your balcony railings to create good lighting.
Yellow lighting could be really harmonious when applied in between the greenery in your balcony. Especially when it is located to face the seats that will be romantic.
The string lights that even looks like the lantern cast a magical glow suitable for you to apply on your balcony.
The string lights are propagated on your balcony railing while the heart shape wreath also applied with the light for the magical impression.

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To provide the pretty romantic lighting, you can try to install the string light into your fence. Then, combine it with the star shape lantern.
Decorative lighting for your apartment balcony can be done by installing the lights that attached into the wall and windows. In hence, put the lantern into the floor will give you certain impression you’ll like.

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If you want to get the perfect balcony decoration, make sure that you provide all of those three basic things. In hence, since the definition of comfort will be different one to another, then choose the furniture, greenery and lighting based on your personal taste. Now, it’s your turn to deal with your apartment balcony. Happy decorating!

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