Important Parts of Your Apartment that Should be Decorated Well

When having your small apartment decoration, there are some things that you should consider well. In this case, the things are related with the space you have in your apartment. Make sure that you manage the placement of your stuffs well so that you won’t make your small space looks even more narrow. Again, the more effective you arrange the room the more comfortable your occupancy will be.

Living Room

It is know that wide glass window can be really effective to create the wider impression for any room. That is why, it is really great to be applied into your apartment living room. If possible, you can set your living room near the window that has such a wide window. Then, for your advice, use the plain curtain without any pattern. It is because pattern will make your things crowded.

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Open Kitchen

If you have the small occupancy, by providing the open space kitchen is the right choice for you. Here, what you need to know is that when you apply the room separator you will make your room even more narrow. In this case, kitchen is the best room that you can set as the open space room. You can integrate your kitchen with the dining room or living room.

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Because bedroom is the private room that you’ll need to rest and to spend your own quality time, so that you can decorate it freely. As long as you feel comfort, just provide anything you want. However, for your advice, there are some things that you should have for the basic standard bedroom. The first thing is that make sure your bed is proper enough. Then, provide the warm blanket and the thin one for summer. In hence, provide the rug, table, lighting, and ornament.

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Apply the simplicity for your bathroom so that your small bathroom won’t look crowded. Anyway, if you want to have the good decoration without giving any ornament, then applying wallpaper is the right choice for you. However, make sure that you don’t apply the wallpaper with crowded pattern and too stand out color, because your room will get the narrow impression.

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Indoor Greenery

Because apartment doesn’t have the yard, then indoor planter is the choice for you to bring greenery into your occupancy. There will be so many different planters that you can have but in case you have the space limitation, hanging planter is the right one. In hence, since the hanging planter is also in varied, choose the one that fit your occupancy well.

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Simple Ornament

Applying the simple one for your ornament is such a must. It is because when you apply too much ornament, your room will look crowded and make it has narrow impression. For the small room, better for you to apply hanging ornament because it won’t take the space in your apartment. Not only by using the wreath, you can also have the painting, family portrait, and other possible ornament.

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Since your apartment won’t be too spacious, then you don’t need to install too many lamps. Here, by simply applying the proper one even only one lamp then it will be enough. In hence, because you only install one lamp, then make sure that you provide the amazing one. You could choose the lamp with such a unique and festive design.

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Because you can’t have porch or patio in your apartment, then you should make use your balcony effectively. In this case, you can provide the greenery and even furniture for your proper balcony decoration to chill. Simply provide the chair and small table to give you the proper facility in enjoying your time there.

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