52 Bathroom Designs that Worthy to Adapt

Make sure that you also give your best effort in decorating your bathroom when you plan to decorate your whole home. It is important because there are some details that you should concern to maintain the cleanliness. That will be the important aspect to keep your health. Since bathroom will have the high humidity, then that is the most crucial aspect that you should maintain.

After the cleanliness and humidity control, then you can move to the beauty of your bathroom. In this case, you can focus on the style that you are going to adapt first. Just like the other home parts decoration style, you can also apply those styles into the bathroom. Let’s say that you can have the modern, classic, boho, or even the farmhouse style. Go check these following bathroom design styles out!

Yellow bathroom decoration
Gray bathroom design
Black and white bathroom color scheme
White marble patterned walls and dark grey floor
Bathroom with great air circulation
Modern white bathroom ideas
Bathroom with black walls and white bathtub
Bathroom combined with penguin bird ornament
Bathroom with stone walls and white bathtub
All black bathroom with marble sink
Modern bathroom with white and black color scheme
White and dark grey bathroom design
Bathroom with striped walls
All white bathroom design
Black and white bathroom design with marble ceramic
White bathroom added with black ceramic as the pattern
Modern bathroom made with black bathtub and gray storage under the marble sink
Bathroom with wooden floor and bookshelf
Bathroom with blue bathtub and white wall
Bathroom with blue walls, white floor and white bathtub
Black wooden floor and marble sink added with rattan storage
Wooden wall bathroom with white marble bathtub and wooden storage
Marble bathroom with blue pattern
Rustic bathroom with white wooden walls
Blue bathroom with cool motifs
Bathroom with white walls, blue bathtub and wooden patterned floor
White bathroom with white bathtub, white wall and large mirror
Bathroom with classic patterned floor
Bathroom with wooden wall, marble sink, and large mirror
Bathroom with white tile wall and black bathtub that look cool
Wooden floor bathroom with marble bathtub
Rural theme bathroom that added with white bathtub
Bathroom with fireplace and rectangular bathtub
Grey bathroom concept with plants as the freshener
Bathroom with white bathtub in wooden floor
Bathroom with white wall, white bathtub and patterned floor
Black bathtub in patterned floor
Green walls and patterned floor bathtub

image source

Colorful bathroom concept
Black and white bathroom combined with red additional color
Red and white bathroom concept
Festive bathroom lighting at the ceiling
Bathroom with red walls, white floor and large mirror
Bathroom with patterned walls in red lines
All red bathroom design
White and red bathroom design
Bathroom with black walls paired with red and white color
Red brick bathroom color scheme
Dark colorful bathroom design
Modern bathroom with varying color wall paint and wood storage
Pebble bathroom floor
Bathroom with large white bathtub

image source

You can see from our references above that there are some things that the bathrooms have to control the humidity. The easiest way is by providing the open ventilation that will be really effective. The other way is by providing the glass roof that will allow the bathroom to be exposed by the sun light. Then, there are also some bathrooms that provide the window when the location is possible.

In hence, if you look at the bathroom furnitures provided above, you’ll see that there are three kinds of the basic furniture you should have. The first one is the vanity, then the bathtub, and the last one is the shower space. After that, you can start to consider on the lighting. Create the proper one so that you can really enjoy your bathing moment.

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