22 Festive Bathroom Decoration Ideas for Cheerful Atmosphere

In addition to the bedroom and family room, you can apply colorful designs in the bathroom. Most worthy bathroom designs do carry a minimalist and simple bathroom design concept. This is because this area is not as large as other rooms. But if the bathroom is given a colorful touch, the bathroom will feel more alive.

Patterned Wall or Floor

Who says wallpaper can only be used in rooms and living rooms? In the bathroom you can also, you know, the selection of wallpapers and colorfully patterned walls will match you with white. Placement of wallpaper or patterned wall and white ceramic on the wall is 50:50. This colorful placement technique makes the bathroom attractive, but still elegant.

Decorate the bathroom with a black patterned floor in white that looks beautiful. If you can add a storage cabinet that also has a motif and mirror then the bathroom is more complete.
You can make a bathroom that has a simple motif on the white floor. Then you can add it with a bathtub and a round mirror to make it look more modern.
You can combine white floors with cool black motifs. Then you can add it with a mirror and a white bathtub to make it look comfortable.
Wall combines motifs between white and green paint that looks good. Then you can add a unique chandelier and red bathtub as a complement to the beautiful decoration.
Bathroom floor which has a very cool black and white paint motif. However, you can add it with white and black storage that gives the impression of elegance.
The bathroom with a white wall that has a square black stripe motif looks simple. Then you can add it with a modern blue seat and a door that you can paint in red to make it look more beautiful.
The bathroom wall has an interesting classic motif. Then you can apply this to the bathroom floor with orange paint and add a large glass box that looks very coherent.
Decorate the bathroom with classic motifs on the wall to make it look cool. Also, add red storage and a round mirror that is cool and looks good.
Whitewall that you can combine with cool black stripes. then you can combine it with a round mirror and chandelier to make it look modern.

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You can combine a white bathroom floor with a black stripe in a box. Then you can apply the walled blue paint. Attach a large mirror to give a classic impression of your bathroom.

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Providing the Ornament

The ornaments in the bathroom are one of the important things that you should pay attention to. Because according to experience, a good design will appear more attractive if there is an ornament. Likewise, what will happen in the bathroom. The ornament could be a mirror on the sink counter, buddy. Or if you are someone who is interested in art, you can put a painting in the bathroom

Ornament of a small pine tree that is contained by a tin container. Then your bathroom can be added with paintings and mirrors as the beauty of decoration.
A small pine tree covered with brown burlap is then tied using a ribbon and placed on a wooden shelf. Then your bathroom can be combined with a basket for tissue containers and mirrors that look good.
Pine tree ornaments in artificial containers are made by knitting. Then you can put it next to the white storage and then add decorations like mirrors and other hanging decorations that look beautiful.
You can combine the bathroom with green leaf decorations that creep on the wall. You can also add a small tree on a wooden table and a white bathtub that provides comfort for you.
Add your bathroom with small Christmas tree ornaments and plants with red flowers.

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Green plants in the glass vase are then put on white storage in your bathroom. Of course, you can combine decorations with square-shaped mirrors that provide a decorative cool.
Penguin dolls placed in the bathroom as a cool decoration. Then you can combine it with carpet patterned stripes and paintings to make it look good.
An orange fox doll that looks cute. Then you mix it with a simple-looking wooden chair and flowers in a glass vase that adds to the freshness of your seminal room.
A bathroom that you can add to the green plants in a rattan container. Then you can combine it with lilies as room lights and paintings to make it look stunning.
Existing plants in wooden bathroom storage. And usually, you can add a large mirror and a round sink of black stone to make it look cool.
Flowers in a small glass vase and as a decoration in the bathroom. Usually, you can answer it with a painting that is hung on the bathroom wall to give an interesting impression.
complete the bathroom with large writing for the beauty of decoration. Then combine it with a chandelier that looks simple but has its own beauty.
Beauty of the bathroom combined with green plants in a white pot container. Then you can add it with a round mirror and a canopy lamp that looks luxurious and elegant in your bedroom.

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In combining a variety of colors in the bathroom, you still need the presence of white. In addition to white, bright neutral colors such as brown are used to mediate between one color and another so that the solid color matching does not become messy and spoil the view. That way you can think of new ideas more easily and the mood can return to good.

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