21 Warm Natural Wood Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen as the heart of the home should also designed in warm atmosphere. It is because the warm and good ambience could also really worthy to increase your mood in cooking activities. In this case, the good mood will be able to provide the good meal too. To create the warm impression into your kitchen, wood might be the most effective material that you can choose for a really proper kitchen design.


In providing kitchen cabinet, you can manage to have the top or bottom kitchen cabinet location. Even more, you can have both of them in case you have lot of appliances in your kitchen. Anyway, you can have the cabinet just that way with the natural wood color. Or, you can paint your cabinet with certain color that will match with the style you want to have.

Caramel wood color is suitable to make your cabinet looks beautiful. By designing a kitchen using this wooden cabinet will be a perfect decoration for your kitchen.
If you want to make your kitchen looks natural, this wooden cabinet can be a complement to your kitchen.
Making a kitchen decoration by using wooden cabinet has become one of the beautiful decorations. Especially by using old wood to make it becomes a beautiful cabinet.
The rustic kitchen design using the old wooden cabinet will be a beautiful design. Using recycled wood will be the perfect design.
This cabinet design made of caramel-colored wood will create an elegant blend color for your kitchen.
This kitchen uses a wooden cupboard to make your kitchen looks perfect. Especially with the combination of wood in the kitchen will make your kitchen looks elegant.
A white kitchen combined with this wooden cabinet will make your kitchen decoration looks perfect.

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Kitchen Island

Without any doubt, it could be said that kitchen island is really functional to be paired with your other kitchen facilities. In case you have enough spacious kitchen room, then to have it is a must. In this case, it is really possible for you to have the wooden kitchen island. Combine your wooden kitchen island with the matching chairs so that all could be in harmonious.

If you like the style of farmhouse kitchen, this kitchen island might be the recommendation to make your kitchen looks perfect.
Make a kitchen island using wood combined with granite will make your kitchen looks elegant.
Making a kitchen island out of refurnished wood can make your kitchen looks natural. Moreover, with some decorations made of other wood will makes your kitchen even more perfect.
Making a reclaimed kitchen island can add your kitchen’s beautiful appearance. Especially with the beautiful color combination which will be awesome.
Making a small kitchen island using wood has become one of the simplest decorations.
This is a simple but very useful kitchen island. Especially by using wood materials that are made of shelves to store some of your stuffs.
To make your rural kitchen look natural, you can manage to have the kitchen island that made of wood. Especially with the combination of patterned granite that will make your kitchen look perfect.

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By having the wooden floor, you’ll get the warm not only for the impression but also the feeling. It is because wooden floor can create warmer feeling in your feet compared with the marble or ceramics. There are even so many different wood materials that you can use related to the kinds of wood and the color. You just need to simply choose the one that fit your budget and personal taste.

An elegant small kitchen combined with hardwood floors will make your kitchen looks awesome.
Beautifying the kitchen using wood floor is a great way. With the distinctive brown color from the wood, it can make your kitchen looks natural.
Choosing dark wood flooring will make your kitchen looks warm.
Decorating the kitchen using wood floors will raise your kitchen to a more beautiful level. Especially with the selection of ivory wood color which is really bright.
The color of the wood floor used here really harmonious paired with the kitchen island table and ceiling wood.
White kitchen concept combined with dark brown wooden floor can make your kitchen looks matching. This can also create a calmer feeling.
Wood floor for the kitchen can indeed make your home feel warm. Especially with the addition of some other furniture made of wood too..

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If it is possible, you can apply the wood into all parts of your kitchen. Here, you can have it for your cabinet, kitchen island, and floor all together. Anyway, what you should take concern here is that you should be careful if you want to apply it near the sink because it might exposed with water. You know that the water can make your wood material not as durable as it should be.

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