21 Spacious Open Kitchen Space Design Ideas

Open space model has now become the choice for those who occupy minimalism to be the style of their proper kitchen design. Not without any reason, this concept does make housing feel more spacious and airy. One part of the room that you can make using an open concept is the kitchen. In general, open kitchen design has a borderless design and becomes one with the dining room, living room or family room.

Farmhouse Style

American farmhouse has a classic design that has the similarity with the natural wood kitchen design. It has the cabinet that is calm and cheerful. This concept comes through the use of a turquoise green cabinet that successfully became a focal point in the middle of the kitchen area. Furniture that uses matching colors with a turquoise cabinet makes the atmosphere cheerful among the dominance of white. You can also put wall hangings and plants on top of the kitchen set to give it a classic impression.

Hardwood floors can also make your farmhouse open kitchen look elegant. Especially with the addition of this kitchen island can also make your kitchen look luxurious.
If you are looking for an elegant farmhouse kitchen design, this might be very beautiful, with wooden accents that are firmly attached to the kitchen design, this will make your kitchen look natural.
Open kitchen design with a farmhouse style is also inseparable from the beauty of the lighting. Using a unique chandelier and a number of ceiling lights make your kitchen look beautiful.
Open kitchen farmhouse that is equipped with patterns on the backsplash will make your kitchen look attractive. Especially with the addition of this striped rug will make your kitchen feel warm.
The choice of white color combined with the color of gray can make your kitchen open kitchen farm look beautiful.
The open kitchen of a farmhouse by using white brick walls can improve your kitchen look more elegant.
The white farmhouse kitchen is inseparable from the creative wooden shelves floating on the walls. Especially with the distinctive wood color makes your white kitchen look beautiful.
This is an open kitchen design in a beautiful farmhouse style, using accented white wood accented with white can make your kitchen look perfect.
This white farmhouse kitchen is enhanced with a patterned backsplash and wooden kitchen island, this design can also make you more happy to cook.
White kitchen which is enhanced with brown color makes a very perfect color combination.

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Brick accents can also make your open kitchen look modern. Especially with the L-shaped design makes this kitchen look elegant.
Open kitchen with black and white color enhanced with wood accents can make your kitchen look modern. Moreover, supported by the right lighting makes everything more beautiful.

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Modern Style

Natural-style interiors can still have a modern kitchen with an elegant selection of furniture materials. Not only white and stainless style, modern kitchen rooms can also come with unusual colors such as cool pink or black ash. Furniture selection can also be a determinant of the appearance of a modern kitchen space to the maximum. The use of ‘floating’ cabinets, modern accents, to minimalist decor can make the kitchen room look more stylish and make you feel at home

This is a simple open kitchen design, the choice of white can make everything beautiful. Moreover, this open kitchen merges with a dining table made of wood, making your kitchen look perfect.

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Beautiful modern open kitchen decor by using metal accents will make your kitchen look elegant.
Modern open kitchen by playing with these beautiful lighting can create the perfect kitchen decoration.
The perfect industrial open kitchen design by inserting some wooden accents will be a beautiful modern open kitchen decor.
This beautiful modern small kitchen design can make your home look attractive. Moreover, you can combine with the selection of pink and black makes everything look different.
This kitchen has a cabinet that you can put floating on the wall. The choice of an open kitchen for your home is indeed one of those recommended for those of you who own a small house.
This modern U-shaped kitchen design is the favorite one. Especially with the right color selection can make this kitchen look elegant.
You can combine open gray kitchen design with lacquered hardwood floors without compromising existing modern designs.
You can make a modern open kitchen decor that blends with the living room, this looks strange but this decoration becomes a different style.

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It’s easy, isn’t it, to bring an open kitchen to the dwelling? It doesn’t have to be spacious, an open kitchen can be a way to maximize the function of space in a narrow house so it doesn’t feel stuffy. Are you interested to try it on your home?

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