21 Pretty Kitchen Decoration in Boho Style

Bohemian kitchen can be one of the proper kitchen design ideas which is very attractive with the use of various striking colors. This design also has a blend of motifs, as well as the use of various vintage furniture. The use of bright colors like yellow, blue, red and green characterizes the bohemian interior style. The use of vintage furniture with bright and vibrant colors will give a very strong and distinctive boho impression in the kitchen area.


It’s unusual to put carpet on the kitchen floor, but why not? If you want to get a typical bohemian style room look, the easiest way is to use a boho patterned carpet. You can bring patterned and brightly colored rugs around your kitchen area as you wish. Avoid excessive use of carpets and choose the type of carpet that is not thick or rather thin, because the kitchen area is vulnerable to stains and dirt.

This bright kitchen has a boho theme with a dominant color in green so that it feels a boho touch. You can add a striped rug so that you are warm while cooking.
This modern farmhouse kitchen for the base adds a new Boho patterned rug with a small wooden kitchen island added to your kitchen
small rug boho that extends red dominant color suitable for you to present in your kitchen so that it feels a touch of boho in your kitchen
if you want to bring boho to the minimalist kitchen in your home, just add a patterned rug and put it in the middle of your kitchen
if you want to combine a modern kitchen with a boho-themed farmhouse design, you need to present a patterned rug for the base of your kitchen floor
simple minimalist kitchen you can bring a touch of boho just add a boho patterned rug to your kitchen, it will look colorful and different
Boho rug with dominant blue color is enough to bring the boho theme to your kitchen, you can try to apply it

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If you bring a boho patterned rug to your kitchen, apply a patterned backsplash that is enough to bring a boho style feel to your kitchen.

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Patterned Backsplash

Give a bohemian touch you can do by choosing backsplash. You can choose bright colors with unique patterns. Backsplash not only has a protective function but also can add to the impression of a beautiful kitchen full of aesthetics. The materials used are also generally made from flash stones to similarly textured ceramics.

Bright blue walls and Moroccan-style tiles suitable for you to apply to your simple kitchen to bring a touch of boho style
A colorful tile backsplash that is brightly colored, you can also adjust the color for your kitchen cabinet with green so that your kitchen’s colors are similar and bright
Colorful boho kitchen with a regular and bright patterned backsplash you can apply to your kitchen by combining the gray color in your kitchen cabinet, to bring the boho atmosphere you can add a patterned rug
If you want to bring a colorful boho Moroccan kitchen with a bright tile backsplash and a bold rug on the floor for a bright space
You can decorate your simple kitchen by adding a colorful fluffy rug, a mosaic tile backsplash and some curtains for a boho feel
to bring the boho theme to your kitchen you can apply a colorful mosaic tile backsplash and add chandilier from wicker then the boho touch you will feel
geometric tile backsplash that you apply to your kitchen looks beautiful with a blend of colors in your kitchen cabinet and add a patterned rug to feel a boho touch on your kitchen

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The use of vintage ornamentation with bright and vibrant colors will give a very strong and distinctive boho impression in the kitchen area. Ornaments that you can use for example carpets, pendants, and other small decorations. You can also make pots of green plants as a charming finishing touch. If you plan to renovate your kitchen in a bohemian style, the idea of placing plants in various corners can be tried immediately.

Decoration kitchen to present boho style you need to present a patterned rug, patterned backsplash this time with orange and artistic chandelier for you to apply
If you want to bring boho style to your kitchen, you just add a boho patterned rug, then you place it under your dining table. Then change your backsplash with the patterned one.
In addition to the hairy rug to bring the boho theme to your kitchen, you need to add indoor plants such as cactus that you place on your kitchen window so that it feels a touch of boho style
some cactus plants that you present in your kitchen enough to get a boho atmosphere in your kitchen, to complete it you add around large rug as typical of boho style

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Create a modern farmhouse with a boho style by adding a round rug that is the hallmark of a boho and a few small ornaments placed on a hanging rack on the wall.
The unique patterned kitchen cabinet that you present in your farmhouse kitchen and rug shaped like a star is enough to feel boho style in your kitchen

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For those who like eccentric and eye-catching styles, you can bring bohemian style interior design and decor into your home. Bohemian style or also familiarly called boho, you can apply to the living room, family room, dining room to the kitchen area. This Boho design has a variety of colors so you can impress your friends.

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