20 Simple Modern Bedroom Decoration Ideas

In this modern era, more and more people choose to have the modern home design. Including bedroom designs, many people like the concept because it looks luxurious and comfortable. The comfortable bedroom will be the place to rest so that the atmosphere of the room must be comfortable and warm. For this purpose, modern bedroom design can be your choice.

Headboard Design

an important part of the bedroom is the headboard
Although it looks trivial, the headboard has its own functions and functions. Not only in taste but aesthetics that when combined will create beauty. Although it does not affect the position or quality of sleep, it is substantially complementary to a stadium with a stage as its center.

Headboard design in your room, uniquely shaped and looks beautiful. Then combined with the paintings on the white wall which has a cool impression.

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The bedroom is combined with an American themed headboard. Then combined with many pillows that you can put on the bed to make it look charming.
Headboards are shaped and arranged like stacked wood. However, you can add it with lights to light in your room.
A white headboard that looks really cool. Then added with green plants in the corner of the room which adds to the freshness of the room.
Headboard made from sticks, for unusual decoration. Then you can add lights and hanging storage to make it look cool.

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Combined headboard with purple neon lights. Then you can add it with a large brown mattress that looks very comfortable.
Gray headboard that looks cool. Of course you can mix them with plants in vases and golden-looking hanging lights that look luxurious.

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Rug Design

There are many ways you can decorate the bedroom area. One of them is by decorating the bedroom floor. The bedroom floor area, which may seem less important, actually influences the beauty of interior design and bedroom decor. Installing carpets is a bit troublesome. Yet it turns out that the application of carpet on the floor of the room can give the impression of luxury and elegant in the interior of the room.

The bedroom is combined with a carpet with checkered motifs. Then you can combine it with wooden storage beside the bed which looks neat.
Furry carpet placed under the bed. Then you can add white storage to make it look beautiful for your bedroom decor.
Bedroom combined with carpet with beautiful stripes motif. Then added with wood storage and paintings that make the decoration more beautiful.
Carpet with a very cool black motif. Then added to the wall with beautiful motifs in your bedroom that has added blue ornaments.
Carpet that has a unique classic motif. Then you can add to it by placing a chair on the carpet as a wrapper for decorating your bed.
Carpet that you can make by knitting. Then you can also add paintings for room decoration that is amazing and looks beautiful.

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Neutral Color Scheme Choice

Choosing the color of paint for the bedroom should not be haphazard, because if one chooses to paint the room then it can cause the room to be so cramped and also hot. Therefore, many people use the colors of mellow and neutral to paint the walls of the room so that the room looks more presentable, clean, and comfortable. Even so, you don’t always have to use white. There are still other color choices that you can apply to the bedroom.

The bedroom with gray wall paint. Then you can mix it with green plants in a black vase that gives a natural decoration to your room.
A bedroom with cool brown wall paint. Then you can mix it with a patterned brown carpet for your room to make it look attractive.
Bedroom has white wall paint. Then you can combine these rooms with green cabinets that look cool.
White bedroom which has a very luxurious impression. Then combined with other white furniture that adds to the beauty of your bedroom.
The bedroom has a gray wall color. Then coupled with black and red carpets, then combine a beautiful patterned sofa as a complement to the decoration of the bed.
Beauty of the white bedroom is very charming. Then you can add a carpet and black and white painting to add to the decoration of your room.

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A modern bedroom with gray walls. Then coupled with a patterned carpet and fireplace for the room to be warmer.

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With a modern interior design, your rest will be calmer and more comfortable. Some things you need to pay attention to when you want to create a comfortable modern bedroom design is to place some modern interiors. You can also include artwork or artwork in the bedroom. Besides the use of headboards, carpets and paint that will add to the quality of your sleep.

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