22 Fun Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

For children, the bedroom not only serves as a place to rest, but also as a space for expression, learning, reading, and playing with friends. For this reason, designing a child’s bedroom should involve the child, as a potential offender in indoor activities. To support these activities, you can create a comfortable and pretty bedroom that makes them feel excited, cheerful and stays safe in it. Then, how to create a cheerful, vibrant and safe atmosphere in a child’s room?

Girls Bedroom

Designing a girl’s bedroom can be a very exciting activity for both parents and the little princess. Prioritize simple designs with nuances that are not timeless. For example, you can paint colorful walls and not certain character-shaped wallpapers. Then you can choose furniture that is white or bright and a neutral room backdrop. In addition, you can also install bed linen and other decorative patterns that can make your daughter’s bedroom look playful.

Girls bedroom with pink wall paint. Then you can add a very beautiful chandelier to your child’s room.

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The bedroom combined with purple wall paint. Then you can combine it with heart motifs on the wall and purple storage that looks elegant for your daughter’s room.
A bedroom with colorful colors that look beautiful. when coupled with patterned carpets and white chandeliers that look stunning for girls’ rooms.
Beauty of your daughter’s bedroom that has a cool cartoon motif. But you can combine it with pink curtains that look stunning.
Bedroom combined with pink paint walls. Then you can mix it with pink rugs and other decorations that support the beauty of your daughter’s bedroom.

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Walls of girls’ rooms in pink and have a palace motif that looks luxurious. Than combined with white storage beside the bed.
Girls bedroom that has pink paint walls. Then you can add to the storage to put your toys to look neat.
The bed has a pink color that looks cute. Then you can mix them with paintings and small mirrors to complement the decor.
You can combine your child’s bedroom with red paint. Then you can add wood storage in your girl’s room to make it look cool.
Girls room that has walls in pretty pink paint. And of course you can add with lights as lights that look charming.
Bedroom is combined with colorful decoration on the pink walls. Then you can add it with a mirror and cool white storage.

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Boys Bedroom

Boy’s bedroom in the wooden house. Then combined with patterned blue carpet and white storage that looks cool.
Tricycle ornaments in the bedroom. Then add a white wall that has motifs and paintings that look good.
Blue carpet in the boy’s bedroom. Then added with gray wall paint and wood storage next to the boy’s bedroom that looks good.
Bedroom has gray wall paint. But you can also combine it with yellow paintings and carpets to make it look good for your boy’s bedroom.
Bedroom has gray wall paint. Then you can mix it with a large painting that is hung on the wall and then combined with a very cool black carpet.

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Boys bedroom has blue wall paint. But you can also add ornament such as giraffes and storage shelves that are hung on the wall.
Children’s bedroom that has a yellow wall paint and patterned. Then combined with a small colorful sofa that looks very beautiful.
Gray wall paint in the boy’s bedroom. Then you can complete it with cool black paintings and patterned carpets.
Boys room has a cool gray wall. But you can add to the furry and fluffy carpet to make it look modern.
A boys’ bedroom is made of wood and designed to be a terraced room. Then combined using a pink sofa that looks cute.
Boys bedroom has red and white striped wall paint. Then add the mickey mouse painting so that your boy is happy and the room has a different decoration.

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There are no fixed rules in designing a child’s bedroom specifically. You can design a child’s bedroom with plain white walls and simple bedroom furniture. However, children’s bedrooms that have cute and fun designs can actually help stimulate their imagination. So, what kind of bedroom design is suitable for children? To get more inspiration, please check our post above.

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