25 Creative Bathroom Tiles to Make Unique Backsplashes

Backsplash is not really functional in the bathroom, and more of an aesthetic option. A tile bathroom with a backsplash can look interesting, especially if your backsplash options are unusual. With the right materials, your bathroom will look interesting and stylish.

Here are several backsplash materials for your next ideas of bathroom tiles.

1. Tumbled Stone Tiles

Tumbled stone tiles have smooth edges that give them a classical look. They usually have a washed finish, emphasizing the rustic masonry style. You can combine several sizes of tumbled stone tiles to create a diverse texture as the backsplash.

Decorating a bathroom vanity that uses a backsplash with tumbled stone tiles is a good idea. With this tile, your vanity will have an attractive rustic impression.

Choosing tumbled stone tiles used for bathroom vanity backsplash will make your bathroom look more perfect.

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To create diverse textures in vanity backsplash you can use tumbled stone tiles. With this tile your backsplash will look neater.

If you want to have a rustic touch in your kitchen, you can use tumbled stone tiles as a backsplash. In addition, the smooth texture of this tile is very easy to clean.

This tile arrangement is very neat and smooth, because this tile is a tumbled stone tile. With backsplah like in the picture your kitchen will look amazing.

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2. Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are available widely in different colors. The materials can ceramic, glass, or natural stone, which you can match with the bathroom style. Common mosaic tiles are easy to form and cut, and you can order them with affordable price ranges. Depending on the color combination, you can create a subtle or bold backsplash.

The unique colored mosaic tiles used in backsplash vanity are a brilliant idea. Because with this mosaic fontanel your kitchen will look more artistic.

This glass mosaic tile is perfect for your vanity backsplash. Because this tile will make your backsplash look more charming.

Using ceramics to make mosaics in your backsplash vanity is a good idea. Having a rectangular mosaic arranged like a brick, this tile will make your kitchen look attractive.

If you want to have a unique backsplash you can install mosaic tiles like in the picture above. With this mosaic, your vanity will look more elegant.

This mosaic tile which has high artistic value is very suitable for you to use in your vanity backsplash. Because this tile will make your bathroom has its own charm.

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3. Subway Glass Tiles

Subway glass tiles give your bathroom a classic look, perfect to adorn a simple tile bathroom. Glass tiles offer a glossy, luxurious look for the bathroom. You can choose various color combinations, from bold red, moody black, to elegant grey. Don’t stick with the simple white if you want an interesting backsplash.

If you like the classic look in your bathroom, you can install white subway glass tiles on your vanity backsplash.

Using a backsplash with subway glass tiles in your bathroom vanity is a good idea. With black subway glass tiles, this is perfect for decorating your simple bathroom.

To get a luxurious look in your bathroom, you can give subway glass tiles in vanity. Besides being able to give a luxurious appearance with this backsplash will make your bathroom look clean.

The white subway glass tiles used in the bathroom vanity backsplash are perfect for your use. Because this backsplash will make your vanity more elegant.

If you want an elegant looking vanity, you can install subway glass tiles on the backsplash. With this backsplash decoration your bathroom will look beautiful.

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4. Pebble Tiles

Create a unique contrast between your bathroom tiles and the backsplash with pebbles. These small, round, smooth stones are available at many stone suppliers. You can stick the loose pebbles on the wall surface, but there are more practical options of pre-cut pebble tiles. They come in various color and pattern combinations.

Vanity backsplash using gravel tiles is a good decorating idea. With this vanity gravel tile you will have a unique impression.

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If you want to use a pebble backsplash you should choose smooth pebbles. Because with a smooth gravel will be easy to clean.

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Gravel is one of the ingredients for making a good backsplash in bathroom vanity. Because with gravel can produce a combination of colors and unique patterns.

The pebble used to make a bathroom backsplash is a brilliant idea. Because gravel has a nice and unique texture.

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Gravel that uses a combination of black, white and blue to make backsplash is perfect for you to use. Because with this backsplash idea your bathroom will look perfect.


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5. Decorative Ceramic Tiles

Decorative ceramic tiles add an artsy touch to your bathroom. Create a line of painted or decorated tiles, and pair it with solid-colored tiles with similar colors. You can leave the other parts of the bathroom neutral with this backsplash.An attractive backsplash will make your tile bathroom more interesting. Choose a unique backsplash design that reflects your personality and taste.

If you are tired of having a plain backsplash, you can use decorative ceramic tiles. In addition, this backsplash design will make your bathroom look unique.

Backsplash design using decorative ceramic tiles with a round pattern is a design that is suitable for you to use. With this backsplash design your bathroom will look perfect.

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Backsplash that looks unique with motifs like in the picture above is a brilliant idea. This design can make your bathroom perfect.

To make your backsplash design look attractive, you can use decorative ceramic tiles. Having bright colors will make your bathroom look beautiful.

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Having a white vanity backsplash with unique black motifs is a smart choice. Because with this backsplash your bathroom will look more artistic.

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