25 Easy and Cool Ideas to Decorate Guest Bedrooms

Preparing a perfect guest bedroom can be exciting, given that you want to make someone feel comfortable. There are many bedroom décor ideas you can try to create a perfect guest bedroom. It doesn’t have to be luxurious, but make sure your guest feels relaxed and comfortable when sleeping in it.

Here are five ideas to create a cozy guest bedroom.

1. Invest in the Mattress

If you don’t have enough money to buy a grand bed structure for the guest, invest in the mattress. A good air mattress gives good support and comfort. You can place it on top of anything, from a wooden bed structure to the box spring and even the floor (such as in a Japanese room or loft area).

A guest bedroom that uses an air mattress that uses wood to put it in is a good idea. This air mattress will make the guest bedroom has high comfort.

Investing in an air mattress for a guest bedroom is a good idea. Besides being able to be used for investment, this mattress is also very comfortable to use.

Installing an air mattress in the guest bedroom will make the room have comfort and also with this mattress this bedroom will look simple.

To have a comfortable guest bed, you can use an air mattress with wood to cover it so it is not too low.

This combination looks so comfortable with air mattresses and wood underneath because this combination will produce a warm atmosphere in the guest bedroom.

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2. Provide Extra Room for Luggage

A staying guest is likely to carry extra stuff. Regardless of the size, make sure the guest bedroom has enough space to store their extra bags or luggage. If the room is small, you can create an under-bed space to store the guest’s luggage or bag.

Make the guest room small and still comfortable, you can make storage under the bed. Storing a suitcase under the bed will make your guest room save space.

Making a bed with storage underneath is a brilliant idea to save space. In addition to saving space, your guest room will look more presentable.

Storage like a cupboard that is made under the bed and useful for storing luggage will make your room more comfortable.

Just in case if you have guests who have a lot of luggage or luggage, you can make a bed that has a storage area like in the picture above.

Don’t be afraid if you have a small guest room, you can work around this with luggage storage under the bed. Because this storage will help store your guests’ belongings so they don’t take up space.

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3. Create Adequate and Practical Lighting

An ideal bedroom décor idea should have adequate lighting fixtures. You must provide at least one main lamp, one table lamp. Place the lighting control near the bed so the guest doesn’t need to fumble with light. You can pick a unique or stylish table lamp for extra flair.

One important thing for guest room decoration is that it must have adequate lighting. Using the chandelier as the main lamp and a table lamp for a light sleeper will make guests come to feel comfortable.

Having a unique shaped headlight in this guest room looks very elegant. Besides this guest room is also equipped with one table lamp and one wall lamp that can make you sleep soundly.

The guest room with classic lighting like in the picture above is perfect for you to use. Because with this lighting your guest room will look more perfect.

If you already have sufficient lightings such as the main lamp, a pendant lamp, and one table lamp. Don’t forget to make a practical light switch that is placed near the bed.

Besides being able to make the guest room bright with a unique chandelier and this round table lamp will make your guest room look more charming.

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4. Add Ventilation and Privacy

Install one or two windows that provide enough natural light and air. Make sure to install good privacy products, such as curtains or blinds. You can match the colors and patterns with the other rooms in your house to make it easier. The door and windows must have secure locking systems.

To provide enough natural light in your guest room, you can install a window. But you must ensure a good privacy product, like in the picture above that uses curtains that have a matching color with the room.

The window that uses a patterned curtain in harmony with the bed is perfect for you to use. Because in addition to looking more beautiful your room will also get enough air from the window.

If you want to install a window in your room, you also need to install a safe curtain to maintain your privacy. You also have to adjust the color of the curtains with the color of your bed to keep it looking cozy.

So that your guest room gets natural light while still looking safe, you can install these white transparent curtains.

Putting blinds on the guest room window is a brilliant idea. Because with this blinds your guest room will remain safe and get enough air from outside.

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5. Pay Attention to the Details

Don’t forget the smaller details like extra linens, clean and comfortable pillows, and blankets. Make sure the guest gets basic supplies such as soap, shampoo, hairdryer, paper or notepad, pen, scissors, toilet paper, and tissues. Insert personal elements such as brightly colored accents or beautiful wallpaper.

To add a high level of comfort to guest rooms, you must provide clean pillows and blankets, don’t forget to arrange them neatly.

Making a guest room as comfortable as possible is a good idea. Because with a comfortable room, your guests will feel very happy.

Besides being comfortable, don’t forget to decorate your guest room as beautiful as possible. Using a floral decoration will make your guests feel bored.

Guest rooms that use flower paintings placed on this bed can make this room look high in artistic value.

A clean and tidy guest room that has beautiful wallpapers like this is perfect for you to apply. Because with this look your guest room will look more perfect.

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Bedroom décor ideas for a guest room should be comfortable. Make sure to think like your guests and make an on-point decoration.

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