26 Storage Ideas to Declutter Your Bedroom

Every house needs proper bedroom storage, and when we neglect it, the result is clutter. While cleaning the bedroom sounds easy, many of us don’t know how to manage storage space. Follow these tips to declutter and manage everything you have in the bedroom.

1. Underbed Storage Space

The underbed is underrated storage space. Many stores now sell underbed storage drawers, which you can insert under the bed. Some of these products even have wheels for easier access. You can also use storage boxes with lids to store things like extra linens, socks, books, and magazines.’

Using a box that has wheels to store storage under the bed like in the picture is an interesting idea. Use to store blankets will make your blanket safe.

One of the best ideas for storing shoes in your bedroom, you can use a drawer that has wheels like in the picture above. This underbed storage will make the space in your room a little wide.

Storage that is suitable for small bedrooms, namely storage under the bed as in the picture above. With a box that has wheels for storing your belongings, it will make your sleep looks neat.

If you have a large collection of bags and you only have a small bedroom, you can apply this idea. Using a storage box that has wheels and placed under the bed, will make your bag look awake and not messy.

The best storage for bed linen and blankets is under the bed. To make it safe and not dirty, you can use a box that has wheels like this. It can make you easier to access.

If you are confused about storing your child’s toys in his room, you can use the storage under this bed. With a box that has wheels, you will easily enter and remove the box.

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2. Hooks under Floating Shelves

Have some floating shelves on your bedroom walls? Optimize the bedroom storage by attaching a metal bar underneath to hang your clothes. You can also hang smaller hooks to store necklaces, neckties, hats, and shoes.

If you do not have enough space to store clothes, you can install metal bars under the floating shelves as shown above. With storage like this, you can save space in your bedroom.

This storage idea is very smart, making use of the empty space under the floating shelves to make a clothes hanger where your bedroom will look organized.

Installing metal rods underneath the bedroom float rack is a brilliant way to store your clothing collection. Because with this storage your bedroom will look more perfect.

The best place to hang your clothes collection is under the floating shelf like in the picture above. With this idea, your bedroom will look clean and not cluttered.

One storage area suitable for hanging clothes is under the floating shelf. For your convenience, you can provide a metal rod for hanging clothes.

Give a metal rod under the shelf to float in your room, because this metal rod can be useful for hanging your clothes to be neater.

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3. Extra Storage Inside the Closet Door

Maximize the storage ability of your closet by installing metal bars, spice shelves, or hooks inside the closet door. You can use them to hang neckties, scarves, belts, shoes, and other accessories. They reduce the problems of losing small stuff, especially if you are in a hurry.

Using a wardrobe door for storage is a good idea. By giving a hook behind the door that is useful for hanging your accessories.

Giving some hooks behind the wardrobe door to be used as a place to hold your bag collections. Because with this storage you can save a little space in your bedroom.

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This storage idea can make it easier to find the items you need. You can utilize your wardrobe door for this idea. Install some hooks to store your gloves and make your room look organized.

Putting a pocket behind the wardrobe door that is useful for storing your winter hat collection is a good idea. Because this storage can make it easier for you to find a hat when in a hurry.

If you are confused about storing your accessories, you can install hooks on the back door of your wardrobe.

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4. Stackable Storage Boxes

Storage boxes that can be stacked (with labels) are practical and neat. Solid colored boxes with identical designs offer a practical but smooth appearance. For a more comfortable and simple look. They are available in various sizes that you can choose based on your needs.

Using a stackable storage box for your child’s bedroom is a good idea. To make it easier to find the items you need, you can label this box.

Using a stackable storage box to store clothes is perfect for you to use. Give labels as in the picture so that your child is not confused when looking for clothes.

A storage of books from boxes that can be stacked with attractive colors will make your child not feel bored.

One of the best storage to use in a child’s bedroom is a stackable box. Using this box to store equipment will make your child’s bedroom look more organized. Don’t forget to give a name for easy to find.


5. Fitted Beam in the Closet

Is there an extra space on the highest spot of your hanging closet? Fit a beam to form an extra shelf. Use it to store things that you don’t use every day, like fancy handbags, hats, winter scarves, and extra socks. You can also use smaller storage boxes to organize small stuff that you only use occasionally.

A wardrobe that has the highest shelf for storing items that are rarely used is a good idea. Because the highest shelf will make your luxury goods last longer because they are untouched.

If you have luxury items such as hats and others that are rarely used, put your luxury items on the highest shelf of your closet.

One way to store your luxury bags for long durability, you can store them in a cupboard on the highest shelf. Because by storing your luxury goods on a high shelf will make your goods safer.

If you have a wardrobe, do not forget to provide a high shelf, because this shelf is useful for placing items that are rarely used.

A wardrobe that has the highest shelf and is used to store your collection of luxury bags is a good idea. Because this storage will make your bag durable and keep it clean.

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Freeing your bedroom from clutter will give a relaxing, resting space in the room. Use these bedroom storage tips to free up some space in your room.

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