5 Cozy Ideas to Create Bedrooms in the Attics

You can create cozy bedroom ideas for any designs, even in the attic. Using the attic as the bedroom utilizes an unused space at home and provides an extra room for a guest or new family member. Even if the attic room is small, there are many ways to turn it into a dream, cozy nook.

Here are several ideas to create the best attic bedroom anyone ever sleeps in.

1. Built-in Storage Spaces

Built-in storage spaces maximize a small attic room, giving you enough space to place a bed. You can install shelves and cabinets with doors without creating bulks. You can also repaint the cabinet doors to match the room design and color scheme.

Maximizing the small space in the bedroom attics like in the picture above, which uses a built-in rack behind the bed will make your attics room look organized.

A built-in shoe rack placed in the corner of the attic bedroom like in the picture above is a good idea. This built-in rack will make your bedroom attics look more presentable.

One of the best shoe storage you can use in your attic bedroom is a built-in shoe rack. With this built-in rack will make your attic bedroom look more organized.

If you have a bedroom in the attic and have some collection of books, you can make storage as shown above. Using the built-in bookshelf will keep your books organized and safe.

A built-in bookshelf next to the bed will make your attic bedroom more perfect with this storage.

Building a built-in shelf in the attic bedroom is a good idea. Line up the basket inside the shelf to make the items stored safe and durable.

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2. Statement Wallpaper

An attic room often receives the least attention so that you can improve it with a statement wallpaper. Pick an interesting design or pattern that instantly draws eyes to the wall. Choose an appropriate pattern depending on the age range of the occupant. You can put the bed against this statement wallpaper.

A beautiful attic bedroom design that uses a floral statement wallpaper like the picture above is a good idea. This wallpaper will make the space in your attic look more beautiful.

An attic bedroom that uses abstract gray wallpaper is a good idea. Besides wallpaper, you can also apply patterned pillows to make your attic bedroom look attractive.

Giving a unique patterned wallpaper statement in the attic bedroom will make the atmosphere of this room have a different focus.

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Having a white base color and beautiful floral designs this statement wallpaper will make your attic bedroom have an artistic feel.

If you want to decorate your child’s attic bedroom, you can use this cute patterned wallpaper. You can choose an animal pattern and make it a focal interest in your room.

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3. Scandinavian Bedroom

Scandinavian interior style is a cozy bedroom idea for a narrow loft space. The white walls and seamless furniture give a light, relaxing vibe. The light wooden floor with a monochromatic rug turns a simple room into a cozy lair.

One style that is suitable for use in the attic bedroom is the Scandinavian style. The Scandinavian style will make your bedroom look attractive.

Scandinavian room is a style that unites several styles into one. Therefore you need to try it in your attic bedroom because this style will make your bedroom look more perfect.

Using a Scandinavian style for decorating your loft bedroom is a brilliant idea. Because this style will make your bedroom feel comfortable when in use.

Using light wood floors and attractive lighting, this loft bedroom in Scandinavian style is worthy of your example. Because these Scandinavian-style rooms can provide a warm atmosphere.

Using white walls and white beds, this loft-style Scandinavian bedroom is very attractive. Besides being attractive, this room also offers comfort.

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4. Beautiful Lighting Fixtures

An attic space needs adequate lighting fixtures to illuminate the room, even with a window properly. Invest in beautiful but practical lamps to improve the bedroom. A pendant lamp or mini chandelier serves as the main fixture. Install a sconce or mini table lamp near the bed as the subtler functional light.

Bedroom loft lighting ideas that use multiple wall lamps and table lamps will create a luxurious atmosphere in your bedroom.

Using two table lamps and one main lamp above is a good lighting idea for your attic bedroom. Because the table lamps will make your bedroom look elegant.

This attractive bedroom decor is perfect for you to use. Having one unique chandelier and two table lamps, the lighting in this room really looks more perfect.

Give interesting lights in your attic bedroom. As in the picture above, choosing a wall lamp above the headboard will make your bedroom look more beautiful.

Using dim lighting for the attic bedroom will make you more comfortable while resting.

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5. Vintage Touch

An attic evokes the image of a mysterious place full of past secrets. You can emphasize this feeling by adding vintage elements. An old wooden chest can serve as the decoration and storage space. An old-school metal frame makes a regular mattress more impressive. Place several small antiques with practical purposes, such as a lantern-style lamp, or old-school tin mug.

To give a vintage touch in the attic of your bedroom, you can install a classic chandelier and an old mirror on the dressing table like in the picture above.

If you want to have a bedroom loft that has a vintage touch, you can add old things in the picture. Like an old crate placed in front of the bed to store things will give a vintage atmosphere in your bedroom.

If you have old historical photos you can install them to decorate the attic walls of your bedroom. This decoration can enhance the vintage impression that is in your room.

Decorate the bedroom attic using old items such as historic old paintings, old crates, and some other ornaments will make your bedroom attic look amazing.

This old wooden crate that serves as decoration and storage space is perfect for you to use in your bedroom attic. Because this crate is very multi-functional and makes your bedroom have a more vintage feel.

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An attic room is a potential place to apply cozy bedroom ideas. Create a comfortable room that utilizes even the most hidden space in your house.

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