How to Create Transitional Teenage Bedrooms

Creating a perfect bedroom for teenage kids can be difficult. You want the room to reflect youth, but at the same time, there must be an element of maturity in it. Finding the balance between cheerful youth and calm maturity is the key to create a transitional room. Luckily, you can do it by focusing on each main feature.

Here are several steps to create a perfect transitional bedroom for teenage kids.

1. Consider the Bed Type

The bed is the most important feature in the bedroom, so you need to consider its model. Bunk beds may look fun for two kids (and ideal for a narrow room), but you will have to replace them in the future. A trundle bed is an ideal model for a transitional teenage room. It can sleep two kids, and the bottom part can be modified into storage space when one moves out.

One bed that is suitable for teenage bedrooms is a trundle bed. With this bed, it can be used for two children.

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A trundle bed that has been modified into a storage room is the right idea. With a trundle bed that has a storage area, teenagers can store their belongings there.

If you want to change your teenage bedroom that has a small space you can use a trundle bed in it. Because this type of bed is ideal for placing in a small space.

Having a capacity for two children this trundle bed is very suitable to use in teenage bedrooms. In addition, this trundle bed will make a teenage bedroom look more simple.

If you want to make a teenage bedroom but you only have a narrow space, don’t worry. You can apply the trundle bed for your small bedroom.

The trundle bed which has a capacity of two children is very suitable to use in teenage bedrooms. Because this bed has extra comfort for teenagers.

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2. Balance the Colors

Kids are all about bright and bold colors, but not all teens appreciate them. You should balance the use of bold and muted colors. For example, you may want to choose a neutral or muted color for the walls, but use colorful pillows, bed covers, and rugs for the accents. 

Teenage bedrooms that use white walls, patterned rugs that have bold colors, then using colorful patterned pillows will make this room have a balanced color.

Using a wall with two colors namely white and orange is the right choice for the colors of teenage bedrooms. In addition, use a floral bed cover for the girls’ rooms to make the bedroom decoration more cheerful.

One of color that is suitable for teenage bedrooms is a neutral color like in the picture above. Then do not forget to install a bed cover with a picture that is liked by children who want to use it.

Combining white wall colors with unique patterned carpets, colorful pillows, and brightly colored blankets is a good combination idea that suitable for teenage rooms.

If you want to make a bedroom for teenagers, consider the color balance and the child’s taste. As in the picture above that uses white for walls, and floral bed covers will produce a beautiful color balance in the teenage bedroom.

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3. Provide Enough Storage Pace

Bedrooms for teenage kids need enough storage spaces for their accumulated stuff. Choose a simple but stylish closet and at least one shelf unit. If the room is small, install floating shapes. You can buy a set of storage boxes later if the teen kid needs extra space.

Give shelves in the teenage bedroom like in the picture above. By using this idea your child can store items such as photos and other decorative ornaments.

A teenage bedroom that uses shelves behind and under the bed is very suitable to be applied. Do not forget to give a few baskets so that your goods are safer.

The hanging shelves above the bed are useful for storing books. And the cabinets with small drawers are perfect for your use. Because with this storage your teenage child’s bedroom will look more organized.

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Using a cupboard that has four drawers and floating shelves is a storage idea that suitable to use in your teenage bedroom. The storage can be used to store your teenage item and make the room neat.

Having two rows of floating shelves that are used to store books, one large wardrobe for clothes and several small drawers for small items will make your teenage bedroom look perfect.

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4. Provide Natural Light and Good Circulation

An ideal bedroom must have enough natural light and circulation system. Regardless of the design, make sure the room has at least a wide window and a proper ventilation system. You can decorate (and redecorate) the room around these features.

If you want your teenager’s bedroom to have enough natural air, you can install a window beside the bed. In addition, you can also provide security in the window to get fresh oxygen.

Installing a large window in the bedroom of teenagers is very important, besides being able to provide natural air with this window will make your room brighter.

Give a big window in your teen’s bedroom, because with a large window will make your teenager’s room become more bright.

Ventilation or windows are important things that should not be left behind in making a bedroom. Because the window will make the bedroom look more perfect.

Having a bedroom with a large window is a good idea. With this idea, your teenage bedroom will have good air quality in your room.

One of the natural lighting that is very important for the bedroom is the window. With a window in the room, your teenager’s bedroom will have enough sunlight.

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5. Play with Fabric Elements

You have the freedom to play with fabric elements to change the look of a transitional room. Bright and cute colors are perfect for curtains, blankets, and pillows in a kid’s room. Switch to new fabric elements with more suitable colors for teens later.

This bedroom which has a bright gray knitted blanket will make your transition bedroom look more attractive.

Using curtains in blue and blankets as well as blue is a good teenage bed decorating idea. Because the elements of this bright fabric will make the atmosphere in your teenage bedroom more amazing.

Playing fabric elements in a teenage bedroom is a good idea. Using bright colors the look of this room looks more perfect.

Teenage bedrooms that use red knit blankets and orange pillows are the right color choice. With teenage bedroom decorating ideas like this will make it look cuter.

Using red curtains and brightly colored floral bed covers can make an attractive appearance for your teenage bedroom.

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A transitional bedroom for teenage kid combines elements from kid’s and young adult’s room. Follow this guide to create a room your kids will love.

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