27 Surprising Color Combinations for Boho bedrooms

When you hear the word boho bedroom, you might imagine a room with an eclectic, artsy aesthetic, with some elements of shabby chic. The owners of such bedrooms are often not afraid of experimenting with colors. However, there are still many color combinations that people hesitate to use, and you can pick them to create your dream room.

Here are some of the most striking color combinations you can apply in a boho bedroom.

1. Teal and Orange

Despite their contrasting nature, teal and orange are surprisingly great when paired. They present zesty and upbeat look, perfect for energizing your mind. Use a darker orange shade for the background color, with splashes of teal and lighter orange as the accents. Use a dark neutral color (preferably black or dark brown) to “split” them.

Give a contrasting color in your boho bedroom to give a surprise. With a combination of teal colors on the bed cover and a little touch of orange for one of the pillows will make this room more unique.

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If you want to give a beautiful surprise in your boho bedroom, you can install teal colors for the walls and orange for your bed linen.


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Using bed linen with many colors but prioritizing teal and orange colors. This bed sheet is perfect if you use it in your boho bedroom to give a more beautiful impression.

Boho bedrooms that use bed covers and pillows that have unique motifs and contrasting color combinations, teal, and orange, are a good idea. Because with this combination of colors and motifs your boho room will look more perfect.

Boho bedroom pillows can you make an icon. Give a contrasting color with teal and orange like in the picture above so that your boho bedroom looks different.

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2. Gold and Black

Gold and black are so intense, and many people are afraid of trying them together. Use black as the background color to give an elegant, moody look in your bohemian design. Gold is great as accents, such as embroideries, wall or tile patterns, and metal fixtures like brass knobs and hooks.

The boho bedroom which has a black background or wall and some golden touches on the mirror frame and metal canopy will make this boho bedroom look luxurious.

One-color combination that is suitable to use in a boho bedroom is black and gold. Applying black on the walls and a touch of gold on the headboard will make this bedroom have an elegant atmosphere.

Don’t be afraid to use this combination, which is a combination of black and gold. The golden color that is painted on the table and dressing chairs then the black color for the background will produce an extraordinary display in your boho bedroom.

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Using a black background, and a few golden touches to the mirror and chandelier design of this boho room will have the perfect look.

Giving a gold accent inside the boho bedroom through the bed canopy and black background will make your boho bedroom look luxurious.

Having a unique color combination this boho bedroom looks more elegant. Using black walls and gold touches for mirror frames is a brilliant combination idea.

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A boho bedroom that is almost black in all corners of the room is a good idea. However, if you don’t want to feel bored you can get a touch of gold for your photo frames.

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3. Bright Red and Light Blue

Bright red and light blue are contrasting yet suitable together. They evoke boldness and calm feeling, reflecting balance. You can use one of them as the background color depending on your taste. Don’t use them in an equal way to avoid clashing.

Boho bedrooms that use a light blue background and bright red touches to the colors of curtains, pillows and bed covers will make this bedroom look bolder.

Choosing blue in the bedroom background and red in this bed cover is a great color combination. Because with this color combination will make your boho bedroom look have a calm atmosphere.

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Using a combination of red and blue for a boho bedroom is an interesting idea. Red color on the bed cover and pillow while blue on one of the pillows will provide an interesting color surprise.

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Walls that have a light blue color and bed covers that use red, this boho bedroom is perfect for you to apply. This color combination will make this bedroom look amazing.

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One of the best color combinations suitable for a boho bedroom is light blue and bright red. As in the picture above that uses red curtains and bed covers that have a touch of light blue will make this bedroom look more beautiful.

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4. Dark Purple and Orange

The dark shades of purple and orange evoke style and quirkiness, but they also bring the fall season to mind. You can pair them using light grey as the background color, such as for the walls. The purple and orange can be parts of furniture, fabric, or upholstery.

A bedroom with a dark purple background is a unique boho bedroom decorating idea. This color will make this bedroom look amazing.

Dark purple is one color that is suitable for use in boho bedrooms. Because this color will create a calm atmosphere in your bedroom.

The boho bedroom which has the main purple color is perfect for you to use. Because with this color your room will look perfect.

Boho bedroom which has a combination of colors between purple on the bed cover and orange on the chandelier will bring the user of this room to be in autumn.

Boho bedroom which has the perfect color combination is very unique. Using purple on the pillow, orange on the bedsheet, and gray on the wall will make this room more perfect.

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5. Red and Olive Green

Red and olive green present a sophisticated, almost classic look. Just make sure you combine them in a balanced way. Use dark brown or grey as the background color and connect the bold colors as accents.

Boho bedroom that has a touch of olive green color on the headboard, and combined with red color on the pillow and blanket will make this bedroom look has a thick accent.

The bedroom color combination this time was applied in the pillow bed. This pillow that has red and olive green colors will make a unique impression in your bedroom.

This boho bedroom which has many motifs and many colors looks very unique. But this time what was highlighted was the combination of olive green on a fluffy blanket and red color on a patterned blanket, this color combination will bring out an extraordinary display in the boho bedroom.

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This boho bedroom, which has green and red bed linen, is a unique bedroom. In addition to a unique boho bedroom that uses a combination of red and green, it looks very beautiful.

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This boho bedroom that uses patterned wall hangings with red and green colors will make this bedroom have a perfect artistic atmosphere.

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Boho bedroom encourages you to play with bold combinations. Use these striking tones to combine several colors in room design and create the most interesting look.

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