26 Easy Ideas to Decorate Bathroom Vanities

A vanity table is often neglected. However, decorating it properly can immediately improve your bathroom. The vanity bathroom reflects the main design theme, especially if your vanity is situated in a separate powder room.

How can you decorate a vanity without cluttering it? Here are five simple ideas you can try.

1. Tall Plants

Add a pot with tall flowers to create height and attract the gaze. You can use a low flowerpot to prevent a “heavy surface” look on the vanity surface. If you don’t have green thumbs, place tall shrubs, grassy plants, or even just dry branches.

Bathroom vanity that uses flower plant decoration as the center of attention is a good idea. Because flowers are the perfect center of attention for your vanity.

The best idea to decorate bathroom vanity is to use long grassy plants like in the picture above. With this decoration, your vanity will look more beautiful.

image source

Having a high interest placed on vanity will make your vanity look amazing. In addition, this plant will make your vanity look fertile.

Give two plants on top of your vanity to get a look of vanity that is tearing. In addition, give a chandelier on it so that your plants look more alive.

Use a dry trunk decoration, and one small green plant so your bathroom has a beautiful center of attention.

image source

2. Luxurious French Vanity

Insert beautiful elegance into your vanity by creating a luxurious French design. Place the soap in a porcelain bowl. Organize bathroom products in glass containers. If the vanity is spacious enough, place them along with your brush on a small silver tray. Add a vintage traditional conch lamp on the wall nearby.

To get luxury in your bathroom, you can use vanity with this French style. In addition to luxury with this vanity, your bathroom will also look elegant.

image source

In addition to providing luxury with this French vanity, you will also have a bathroom with a vintage feel. You will get the impression of vintage from a lamp attached and a classic flower vase.

image source

Choosing french vanity in your bathroom is a good idea. Because with this vanity you will get splendor in your bathroom.

Although this vanity is small, this vanity looks luxurious because it uses a French design.

One way to incorporate beautiful grandeur in your bathroom, you can enter this greatness through your vanity. With French vanity, all your desires such as a grand and luxurious bathroom you will get.

image source

3. Modern Black Faucet

Replace a simple faucet with a modern black one. Many black faucets now come in simple but dramatic designs, perfect for a contemporary vanity bathroom. You can coordinate it with other black accents, such as black-framed mirrors, lampshades, and bathroom supply bottles.

If you have a bathroom with a contemporary style you can add a simple black tap like in the picture above. Because this black faucet will make your bathroom look more elegant.

To perfect your contemporary bathroom, you can insert black accents such as a faucet and shelves. With this black accent, your contemporary bathroom will look perfect.

Give a simple black faucet for your contemporary bathroom. In addition, you can also give lighting fixtures with black accents so that your contemporary bathroom looks more fierce.

image source

You can give black accents in your contemporary bathroom for your vanity faucet and lighting fixtures. With these black accents, your vanity will look perfect in your contemporary bathroom.

image source

Installing a black faucet in a contemporary bathroom vanity is a good idea. In addition, give some other black in your bathroom to get a more amazing impression.

image source

4. Spa-Style Vanity

Create a relaxing spa-like look on your bathroom vanity to impress people. Replace your traditional sink with a vessel one. Organize your spa products in a small wicker basket. Add several aromatherapy candles nearby, ready to use. Line up a few of aromatic oils, preferably products with cute bottles or containers.

To get a soothing impression in your bathroom, you can use this vanity spa style. In addition to calming the atmosphere, you will also get an elegant impression on your vanity.

To get a spa vanity style you can put on some of these decorations. Give one candle and some funny bottles to get the perfect spa style in your vanity.

image source

To make vanity that has a spa-style you can add items such as aromatherapy candles, unique containers, and bowls to put soap like in the picture above.

image source

If you want a vanity in spa style you can add a wicker basket like this to make the spa-style look sharper in your vanity.

Replacing a vanity sink with one vessel will make an attractive appearance in your vanity. Also, place a unique bottle on top of the vanity to make it look real in the spa.

Want a spa-style in vanity you can add some of these items. Such as candles, soap container bowls, and wicker baskets.

image source

5. Luxurious Bathroom Bottles

Organize your bathroom products in beautiful luxurious bathroom bottles. Many of them are available in multiple sets so you can coordinate them with the bathroom design. These bottles can also double as the vanity decoration. A vanity bathroom is a place to examine and prepare your look. Make sure you spruce up the vanity table by adding simple yet beautiful decorations.

Using this round tray that is used as a place for organizing bottles is a good idea. Besides being able to be used for the storage tray, this will also make your vanity look luxurious.

image source

To make your bottles look neat you can use this fancy tray as a place to put your bottles and make your vanity look organized.

If you want a neat yet luxurious vanity, you can use this tray to place your bottles on top of the vanity.

This tray made of white marble is perfect if you use it on top of your vanity. Because in addition to making your vanity look more organized, with this tray your vanity will also have a perfect luxury look.

Give this attractive bottle storage area above your vanity. Because with the storage of bottles in the corner of this vanity you will look luxurious but organized.

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