25 Beautiful Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas for Beautiful Cooking Space

Cooking in a farmhouse kitchen will bring you to the classic feeling with rustic touches and simple combination formulas. Its beauty isn’t underrated like other trendy kitchen styles, and you can easily create the ambiance through several creative ideas. To help you, we have compiled five most-used tips and ideas to get you started.

1. Woven Baskets

Kitchen woven baskets can be great additions to the messy kitchen that’s in dire need of an organization. Either made of rattan, woven, wire, or wicker, these baskets can also contribute to the decorative purpose you won’t regret having around.

A farmhouse kitchen that uses a hanging wicker basket to store food or equipment is a good idea. With a hanging wicker basket will make your food stored more secure.

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Using several baskets that are placed under and beside the kitchen table is very useful for your kitchen. With this rattan wicker storage basket, your equipment will look neater.

Rattan wicker basket which is placed under the table to be used as a storage area is the right idea. Because this wicker basket will make your kitchen organized.

Give a wicker basket in your kitchen. As in the picture above, putting a wicker basket on a floating shelf can be used to store your things.

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One way to make your kitchen neat and organized, you can use a basket as a storage area. Place the basket on your countertop shelf to make it safe.

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2. Pottery and Crocks

Placing pottery can increase the ambiance of your kitchen to the roof. Thus, putting handmade kitchen pottery ceramics and crocks on display can help achieve this mission, especially if you arrange them neatly inside open shelving.

Use pottery as a place to store your cooking utensils to make it look neat. Then place the pottery above your countertop to bring out the unique atmosphere in your farmhouse kitchen.

If you want to use pottery as a storage area, choose earthenware, because this will make your kitchen look more organized.

Pottery is a small but attractive storage area. Choose earthenware so that it has the impression of art in your kitchen.

This handmade ceramic pottery is perfect for you to use in your farmhouse kitchen. Because with this pottery you can store spoons, forks and other equipment.

One of the elegant and suitable storage areas for storing your cooking utensils is pottery.

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3. Matte Black or Blue Range

Going for colors like matte black kitchen won’t make it look like modern kitchens. Blue, on the other hand, can come in pleasant floral wallpapers, and these two dominant colors can come paired with industrial or vintage elements to maintain the charming farmhouse essence.

A farmhouse kitchen that uses blue color will make this kitchen look unique. In addition, give a dull white stone wall to foster a vintage impression in your kitchen.

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This time the kitchen uses black on the countertop and has a backsplash with tiles that have unique motifs that will make the kitchen look more perfect.

This black farmhouse kitchen is perfect for you. Because the black color will give the impression of elegance in your farmhouse kitchen.

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Choosing blue to be the dominant color in the farmhouse kitchen is an interesting idea. Because the blue color can provide freshness in your farmhouse kitchen.

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Choosing black for your farmhouse kitchen is the right choice. Then give some plants to make your kitchen not look too fierce.

If you like black, use this color in your farmhouse kitchen. With this color, you will get an elegant appearance in your kitchen.

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4. Library Style Kitchens

Library style kitchens may not be that common, but those requiring that reading time while waiting for food to cook through will be super happy! You can arrange the books on a library ladder, but make sure not to splash anything onto the books.

To make you not feel bored while waiting for cooking to cook, you can create a library in your kitchen.

Give a small library in your kitchen so you can read books while cooking. By reading a book you can add to your cooking insights.

Creating a library in your farmhouse kitchen is a good idea. With this library, you can read books in the kitchen.

If you want to make a library in the kitchen you have to put it on a shelf to make it look neat and not move.

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5. Second Life

Second life here means repurposing stuff—a super doable idea for you who have a lot of old furniture but don’t want to throw them away. Some kitchen repurposed furniture you can consider necessary containers, stools, and even the island if you set your mind to it.

If you don’t want to throw away your former ladder, you can use it to be made to hang the pot like in the picture above.

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If you have a small used cupboard, turn this cabinet into a kitchen table that has wheels to use it.

To make a kitchen table, you can use a used sewing table. This used sewing table will make your kitchen more unique.

If you want to save money on decorating your kitchen, you can use used items. As in the picture above using a used cupboard to make a table will make this kitchen simple.

This time you will use an old barrel to make an elegant round table in your farmhouse kitchen. Besides being able to give an elegant appearance, this barrel will make your kitchen more unique.

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We hope one or two of five farmhouse kitchen ideas above will inspire you to start the remodeling project!

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