French Kitchen with That Hint of Paris: 25 Ideas

A lively French kitchen that won’t stop you from feeling amused takes an approach in its definitive colors as if brought straight out of the Provencal landscape and unbeatable elegance. If you aren’t familiar with all parts of France yet, go with Paris at heart and give yourself a new kitchen imbued in this ambiance through our ideas below.

1. Copper Pots and Pans

You can start from changing the current pots and pans you have with copper cookware that emit more sophistication and statement in the area. Arrange them atop the cabinet or hung on the wall hooks for easy reach, and make sure that they are the first things you see when stepping in.

For perfect french kitchen design, you can start from replacing your pan with a copper pot. Hang and place your pan on and under your floating shelf.

The first step to making a french kitchen design is to use copper cookware. Because copper is a hallmark of French kitchen design.

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Using kitchen utensils made of copper is the right choice for a French kitchen design. Besides being able to give a strong French impression in the kitchen, this copper equipment is also very durable.

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If you have already replaced copper pans and pans, hang them on the wall so that your kitchen looks more organized.

Copper pans in cookware suitable to use in kitchens that have a French design. With this equipment your French kitchen will look more perfect.

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2. Antiques

Placing some kitchen antiques and collectibles will add more details, especially if the walls come in aged bricks or are painted in sharp white paint. Paired with the copper cookware before, your kitchen will become almost entirely French.

One perfect combination for a French kitchen design is to use brick walls, copper cookware, and a collection of antiques that are placed in a glass cabinet.

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If you have a French kitchen design, don’t forget to decorate antiques like in the picture above. Using antique chandeliers and anti-plate collections placed in a glass cabinet will make your kitchen look perfect.

Kitchen with a French design this time using antique plate decoration placed under the cupboard and above the countertop will bring a classic look in your kitchen.

One decoration that is suitable to use in the kitchen with a French design is an antique urn and antique sculpture as shown above. With this antique decoration, you will have an elegant French kitchen.

In addition to copper cookware, you can also add two antique chandeliers as shown above. With this antique chandelier, there will have an amazing French kitchen look.

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3. Plenty of Blooms

After a series of antiques and cookware, make sure to enhance the area with flowers in the kitchen. This way, your kitchen has a dose of outdoor greeneries as well as that dash of French-country fresh look as if you’re inside an artistic painting gallery.

After the combination of copper cookware and antiques, you can add greenery in your kitchen. Place plants near the window like in the picture above so that plants can decorate your French kitchen and still get sunlight to stay fertile.

To perfect the combination in your French kitchen, you can add flower decorations on the table in yellow to get a bright kitchen look.

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Add flower decorations on the dining table in your French kitchen, so you have a beautiful kitchen look.

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French kitchen design also requires freshness. You can add greenery and sunflowers in your kitchen to refresh your French kitchen.

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French kitchen which uses pink flower decoration is very suitable for you to use. With this flower decoration, you will have an elegant kitchen.

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4. Retro-Inspired Appliances

Consider changing the appliances set to timeless ones to make that bold statement, too! Retro kitchen appliances make an excellent addition and balance to other modern stuff in the kitchen. It’s guaranteed that you’ll have a French-countryside feel after this one!

Consider an on-trend yet timeless color combination for a bold kitchen statement. Retro-inspired appliances are a great way to balance out the more modern elements and give it a French-countryside feel. You can create it by using a stove that has a retro style.

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A retro-style Northstar oven is the perfect way to grow a vintage feel in your French kitchen. You also match tile counters with classic 50’s designs and medieval-style linoleum floors to get a more perfect design.

Checkerboard flooring, apothecary-style cup drawer pulls and an old fashioned stove combine to create a charming vintage kitchen are the perfect French kitchen decorating ideas.

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Besides being able to give the impression of vintage in your French kitchen, with this retro kitchen equipment will make an addition and a very good balance for other modern items in your French kitchen.

Use these retro kitchen appliances such as stoves and refrigerators. With this kitchen equipment, you will have the impression of a timeless vintage and can be combined with other modern items.

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5. Eclectic Seating

The kitchen is sometimes combined with a dining room, which is why eclectic dining rooms can contribute to that farmhouse vibe, especially after you place all the bygone tableware and cabinetry.

If you want to grow the atmosphere of a farmhouse in your French kitchen, you can use an eclectic seat in your dining room.

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An eclectic seat is a suitable seat for use in a kitchen that has a French design. Because this seat will be very harmonious if used in a French kitchen.

If you have a French kitchen with a dining room like in the picture above. Use eclectic seating in your dining room to make your kitchen design more perfect.

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One of the places to sit is suitable for use in your French kitchen dining room. Because this seat can give an elegant impression in your kitchen.

Using eclectic seating in a French kitchen dining room is the right choice. Because this sitting place will perfect the look of your French kitchen.

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With the help of our French kitchen ideas above, your dream cooking area is only a step away.

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