22 Best Home Office Desk Designs that Functional Yet Nice

To keep creativity flowing and productivity working smoothly, you need a comfortable and pleasant work area atmosphere. The trend of remote work at home makes many people want the presence of an appropriate home office. Actually it is easy for you to do if you want to make it happen. The thing that often becomes a problem is the choice of a desk that suits your taste and the amount of space you have.

Farmhouse Design

In general, workspaces include desks, cabinets, and stationery. But if the workspace is in your home, then you can design the room to be more comfortable. You can apply the farmhouse design to your workspace. The furniture used is mostly made of wood. If possible, you can add a fireplace and carpet so your workspace is warmer.

Home office created using a nice rural theme. Then coupled with a large wooden table that complements the design you made.
Home office that is made using a lot of wood material that is cool and durable. Then it can be combined with furniture and chandeliers that really look beautiful.
A rustic theme for your simple home office. But you can also vary by adding a fireplace to add warmth and comfort when you work.
Home office decoration that looks stunning. Combined with a cool brown sofa, wooden bookshelves and round chandeliers that look beautiful.
A work office that uses a cool simple wooden desk. then added with a beautiful chandelier and storage shelves for books.
Rural workspace that looks very nice then added using wooden chairs, sofas and simple gray curtains that look stunning.
Workspace decoration made of cool wood. Then combined with a black chair that completes your room.

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Modern Design

If you usually work in a workspace with a formal design, give it a more eccentric feel with a modern-style workspace design. Use exposure material on walls and floors. For examples like using brick or concrete. Combine with furniture such as a work table with iron and wood accents so that the modern style is increasingly prominent. For added convenience, you can add a sofa in your workspace.

Decorating the workspace with an elegant black color. Then combined with a comfortable sofa and storage for books so neat.
Home office design combined with beautiful colorful chairs. You can also add a storage rack for books or files that you still need.
Work space decoration with a modern theme combined with a minimalist black table. Then combined with paintings to decorate the walls of your office that looks cool.
Modern office combined with shelves to put your books. Then combined with modern furniture that supports you in working and feeling comfortable.

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The office that you make at home using black that looks cool. When coupled with a modern table that has a very unique decoration.
An office that has a simple but cool decoration. That was added with a blackboard and a table with a very nice design.
The gray office home that looks stunning. Then combined with modern bookshelves and sofa chairs that can be shifted easily and well.

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Scandinavian Design

Make your workspace design contemporary with a Scandinavian workspace design that is simple, but still looks attractive. It is enough to simply repaint the workspace walls in bright colors and replace home furniture with a variety of Scandinavian-style furniture. Guaranteed, your workspace design immediately changes to be more contemporary and comfortable to work with. Don’t forget to add wood elements such as the floor to strengthen the impression of Scandinavian and warm up your workspace design.

Decorate your home office with a white desk that looks minimalist. Then combined with white rugs that exist on the entire floor to make it look charming and comfortable.
Home office decoration with a beautiful white color. But you can also add with chairs and white lights to match the office colors you make.
Home office design combined with minimalist white chairs. And coupled with a white table and white shelves that are walled as an addition to your room decor.

In a really simple design, this home office desk still can be functional. It is also calming because of the color combination applied.

The desk in white color can help you not to make your home office looks crowded. Anyway, not to make it boring, you can pair it with a green chair.

The additional greenery in this white Scandinavian home office desk makes the desk has a peaceful and fresh atmosphere.

Orange can a good color combination for the white and grey Scandinavian desk. With the additional drawers on the table makes it more functional.

The floating desk style can also be included in the Scandinavian home office desk. You can pair it with a simple white chair in a modern design.

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If you have a room with limited space, making a separate workspace design may be impossible. But, that does not mean you have to give up your workspace. Lots of unused spaces in your house that you can actually turn into a comfortable workspace

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