27 Trends on Home Office Decor Matching What You Seek

Defined by Cambridge Online Dictionary as “a room or area in someone’s home that they use to work at a job”, a home office can be similarly motivating like standard going-to-an-office-building working style—as long as you style it well. Check out some of the best ideas for a chic home office decor below.

1. Conceal Clutter with Curtains

Clutters may mean disaster for some home arrangement, but if your clutter brings you the much-needed inspiration at work, then feel free to conceal it! We’re talking about simple home office curtains to close it down from your vision, so you won’t need to get rid of it completely.


If you have a messy home office you can use curtains like in the picture above. By using curtains you can cover up the mess of your home office so as not to ruin the atmosphere of another neat room.

To hide your mess at the home office you can use the white curtain that is installed under the desk. Put the mess under the table so that it’s usually covered with curtains.

image source

If you don’t want to have a home office that looks chaotic, you can put chaos under the table. After that, you can also provide curtains to cover up all the mess under the table.

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2. Have All-Blue

Placing the blue color all over won’t make you feel sad; they’ll instead help you feel less stressed with its innate calming effect—and anybody with tons of workload will be forever in their gratitude. It’s why the blue home office design is highly popular!

It has an effect that can soothe the blue color is perfect for you to use. You can apply this blue color to walls, chairs, and carpets.

One of the wall colors that are suitable for you to use in your home office is blue. This blue color will make the atmosphere of your home office look fresher.

image source

Applying dark blue in all parts of the home office is the right idea. Because the blue color will make your home actor look elegant and not boring.

One of the popular colors for use in the home office is blue. You can apply this color to the walls of your home office so that your home office looks more amazing.

image source

Applying blue in all parts of the workplace is an interesting idea. Because in blue it will make you feel comfortable when working at home.

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Home offices that use blue walls are a good idea for your home office design. With the walls that use this blue color, you will have a perfect and comfortable home office to use.

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3. Use Open Shelving

The great thing about home office open shelving is that you can still keep getting organized without having difficulties in spotting and reaching stuff you quickly need. Besides, open shelving can also make space feel much more colorful and fun, hence creating variations.

One of the most recommended storage for home offices is open shelves. With this open shelf storage, you will easily find the items you need.

Open shelf storage is one of the best storage for your home office. Because this open shelf will also make your home office look more simple.

Put an open shelf behind your work chair. By placing an open shelf behind your work chair, you will be able to easily retrieve the items you need without standing up.

This practical-looking home office uses an open shelf as a storage area. Besides being able to be used to store goods, you can also put decorations there.

Using open shelves to store books in your home office is a brilliant idea. Because with this open shelf your books will look more organized.

Open shelves have a very good function for storing your things, so this open shelf is very suitable for use in your home office.

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4. Mix in Some Vintage

Thank God there’s classic vintage we can always work out with. Tossing some vintage furniture in the home office can work magic to bring the nostalgic feeling you want. Some period-style furnishings like rustic house desk or chairs achieve this goal without appearing too vintage theme-y.

If you want a vintage touch in your home office, you can install wall hangings inside your home office using an old door like in the picture above.

Vintage touches in the home office can also be obtained by using old luggage storage that is placed on a shelf.

Home offices that use old tables and chairs are an interesting design idea. Because with these old chairs and tables you will get a vintage impression in your home office.

If you want to make a home office but do not have a lot of costs, you can take advantage of these old-fashioned goods that are not used. In addition to being cost-effective, you will also have a workhouse with a vintage touch.

image source

If you have an old table that is not used you can use it for use in the home office. This old table will bring the impression of vintage in your home office.

If you want a home office that has a vintage impression you can apply the items as in the picture above. Using old chairs, old tables, and brick walls will enhance the impression of vintage in a home office.

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5. Toss the Outdoors In

Do work every day with a fresh dose of greeneries in the home office, because you deserve to breathe in those, even in the cramped space! If greeneries aren’t workable for you, you can convert it to treillage-fronted cabinets and leaf-printed window treatments instead.

To make your home office look fresher you can add green plants as decoration in your home office. In addition you can also breathe fresher air.

If you want to have a home office that looks like you are outdoors, you can use greenery and a transparent roof. After that, you can also provide paintings to give a touch of art in your home office.

One decoration that is suitable for use in the home office is a green plant. With this decoration, you will have a fresher and more beautiful home office.

If you use plants as decoration in your home office you can put them near the window so that the plants still get sunlight and stay fertile so they can provide fresh oxygen.

To make a home office that is fresh and comfortable to use, you can add decorative green plants that are hung or placed.

Green plants are one of the perfect decorations for a home office. Because with this decoration will make your home office more beautiful.

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Hopefully, there’s one home office decor that’ll work out for you!

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