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52 Smart Decoration Ideas for Small Spaces

At present, the minimalist space model is becoming a trend and many people apply it. The application of the concept of minimalist space is mostly done in order to reach the middle to lower complexity. Basically, building a minimalist space will be cheaper. Because this room does not require a lot of interiors and also the arrangement of the room will be simpler.

The living room is one of the rooms in the house. For those of you who have a living room that is not too large, try to choose a decoration that is not too big. For example in the selection of decorations, choosing decorations must adjust to the room. Don’t choose chairs and tables that are too big because it will make the room look cramped. For decoration, it doesn’t have to be fancy. You can install a hanging painting decoration or install wallpaper on the living room wall is enough to make the living room look more beautiful.

Bathroom storage with rack
Best home office in bedroom
Clever kitchen storage
Decoration under the stairs
Elegant small bedroom with big mirror
Home office decoration
Modern living room decoration
Small living room design
The living room that blend with the dining room
Unique shelving unit

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Best space-saving with floating shelves
Extra-tall shelves for small space
Floating laptop desk
Rustic small living room design with vintage furniture
Small clean master bedroom
Small kitchen with rack
Smart furniture for small bedroom
The idea of ​​storage under a ladder with drawers

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Attach the hook to make your small space look useful
Best storage ideas for small space
Cover your closet with a curtain
Install a sliding door for your storage cabinet
Make a closet to save your space
Put the shoe shelves in an empty place
Small bedroom with a wardrobe

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An open shelf to cover the void in the corner
Decorate your dining room with vintage wooden tables
Decorating a small room beside the fireplace with a cupboard and mirror above it
Paint your walls with various colors
Put wood cabinets and knick-knacks to make it beautiful
Small bathroom with wallpaper and white cabinet
Washroom design with painted ceiling

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All-white small interior design
Big windows to bright your small living room
Cozy small bedroom design
Create a living room with insulating glass to make it look elegant
Elegant small living room decoration
Make storage under your bed to save space
Put a table and chairs in your empty room to drink coffee and read the newspaper
Put a wooden table and wooden chairs to perfect your small space
Simple furniture for your small space
Simple room design with green sofa and chair
Small living room with multifunctional storage in table
Stylish small living room with blue sofa
Turn your small space into a beautiful living room
Unique pair of chairs and tables for your corner space
Wall mounted extras and lighting
White small living room with shelves
Wooden shelves to put your photos gallery

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Gary bedroom with wooden floor
Small bathroom design with wooden sink
Tropical wallpaper with wooden accents

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The bedroom is the most vital space and must be in the house. Minimalist houses usually only have narrow rooms. Because the bedroom requires a mattress for the bed, you can choose a mattress with a size that is not too large. For decoration problems, it helps you put a table with a drawer and put some decoration on the table. In addition to being a decoration, the table can also be a place to put items that are not used so as not to narrow the room.

Although your bathroom is not too large, you can still decorate it with a variety of key equipment that is all functional. The main focus of course on the bathtub that is no more than 1 meter in the minimalist bathroom size 1 x 2. You can place a mini-sized bathtub with a toilet seat model attached to the wall. This design is very effective for saving space in your minimalist 1 x 2 bathroom.

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