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20 Ways on How to Deal with Small Laundry Room

Having a small house decoration requires you to arrange each room to be more effective. The right arrangement is the key to a more comfortable house to live in. This also applies to design a laundry area in the house. If you can design and arrange as well as the laundry room can add to the beauty and of course the comfort of the dwelling itself.

Proper Cabinet

If you have a corner of the room that is still empty and it seems that you can make it a laundry area, then you can immediately make the area a laundry place. In this corner, you can add a cabinet to store the washing machine. Or you can also use it to store other objects. Then on the walls of the shelves to put detergent, air freshener, bleach, and other washing equipment. To be beautiful, you can paint the walls with eye-catchy colors

A cabinet that blends with the sink you can apply to your small laundry room. Especially with the perfect white paint suitable with the color of this color wall.
Having a small laundry room you don’t need to worry about storage, with this cabinet you have plenty of storage to make your laundry room look big.
The design of this small laundry room has a perfect black cabinet. Moreover, you have a whitewashing machine with chrome accents, which can be a beautiful blend.
The small laundry room is equipped with a cabinet that is integrated with the sink and combined with shelves attached to the wall to make your storage look perfect.
The wooden cabinet combined with the wooden floor can make your laundry room look perfect.
This cabinet does have enough storage to store your laundry room equipment. Narrow space also affects for you to have a cabinet.
This farmhouse style laundry room has a floating cabinet on the wall making your laundry room look beautiful.
This laundry room has green walls combined with a white cabinet. This color combination makes your laundry room look beautiful.
This small laundry room storage, having a green cabinet is enough to make your laundry room look fresh. Especially, combined with this beautiful rack.
You are very fortunate if you have a small laundry room with a lot of storage, so you can save all your needs when you wash.

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Providing Hanger

In addition to being close to waterways, the laundry room must also be close to open areas in the house, such as the front or back yard. This is done so that the process of drying clothes can run faster. If this is not possible, you can install a clothesline made of iron that you can put on the washing machine or in the corner of the laundry room. Choose materials from iron that are not easily corroded, aka waterproof.

Hangers can be placed everywhere depending on your taste. I think this hanger is suitable for you to put on your washing machine, which makes it easy for you to hang your clothes after washing.
Having a hanger also has a very important role in your small laundry room. This can also be used to save space.

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Hangers are very important for your laundry room. This hanger can be used for drying clothes or storing clothes that you have washed.
Having this hanger is a very interesting thing, if you have finished this hanger, you can tidy it up by folding it so that it does not prevent you from washing clothes.
If you choose this hanger, you might be the same as me. You can pull this hanger to make a hanger that can hang clothes very much.
Laundry hanger that resembles the stairs can be made as a useful drying. Hang it from the ceiling and put a distance so it isn’t too high.
This creative rack made from wood can make your laundry room more perfect. You can stick it on the washing machine.
This is a simple clothes hanger. You only need wood then you can attach it to the wall equipped with iron to hang your clothes.
This white laundry room has a simple hanger rack. Especially with this anti-rust material that makes you no longer need to replace it.
You can fold this hanger to save your laundry space. With this hanger rack, you can make more space for your laundry room.

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For those of you who do laundry independently, of course, you will need plenty of space to place essential furniture when washing, drying and ironing clothes. If this is the case, you must be very clever in choosing the right furniture to optimize the use of a limited drying area. Apart from being functional, the furniture you choose must also be compact and save space, both when used and stored.

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