22 Pretty Yet Functional Bathroom Vanity Ideas

The bathroom is a room that can affect your mood. A beautiful, clean, and neat bathroom design will make you happier and relaxed after you use it. With the existence of a comfortable bathroom, you can also relax your muscles after doing various tiring activities. Designing a bathroom can be started by determining the desired bathroom style such as simple modern bathroom design or the festive bathroom design which based on the size of the bathroom. Then adjust to your needs.

Single Mirror

The bathroom is also an area to make it difficult to separate with a mirror. The size of the mirror and the shape used for the bathroom is very diverse, ranging from the small size to the size that dominates all corners of the bathroom. If the narrow space of your bathroom is a problem then the solution is you can place an oval mirror in the corner of the room. This will help you have a visually spacious bathroom.

This is a light blue bathroom cabinet with greyish tones. This is paired with a ceiling-high wardrobe next to it. Then the vanity has a single sink, with a round mirror on it. The drawer handle is silver and translucent, just like a mirror frame and neon lights.

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Build lots of storage in this spacious bathroom, designed to accommodate large groups of people who enter and leave the house. This dressing table has abundant closed cabinet storage, while the front apron sink helps protect the cupboard from water.
The surprising storage makes this floating vanity an ideal choice in the bathroom. Moreover four large drawers comfortably hold hairdressers, cosmetics, towels, and other important items, making it easy to get a clean and neat look.
Uses a combination of open and closed storage to provide efficient organization in the bathroom. Open shelves offer easy access to towels, while the pull-out drawer, high cabinet and high-tensile cabinet store toiletries, beauty items, cleaning products, and daily necessities.
Bathrooms often have limited space, so building as much storage as possible on the dressing table is very important. In addition, the double sink pays attention to steps away from the need to have multiple sinks in the smaller main bathroom and focus more on storage,

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Turn this antique wooden buffet table into a dressing table for the bathroom. The clever combination of wall shelves allows it to comfortably store towels and daily necessities.
Using furniture specifically designed as a dressing table for the bathroom with a combination of an open base and high legs helps create a feeling of being lighter and open. Using the vanity underneath is wide enough to store soap, towels and extra toilet paper rolls.

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Even though the mirror is small in size, the vanity it describes is designed to pack a lot of smart storage. This vanity drawer becomes a special laundry barrier, while the wooden drawer displays a divider for creams, toothbrushes, and others that are easily arranged.
Squeezing extra storage into small vanity can be a challenge. Choose a dressing table with a bottom drawer for storing hair styling and toiletries. The sink of the ship allows more storage in the dressing table.
Believe that incorporating as many functional organizations as possible into the dressing table. In the bathroom make it with vanity, one of these tall cabinets that use wooden vinyl, complete with a bathtub, large mirror, and natural light.
If you prefer to share mirror space and have a more integrated look in your bathroom, one large mirror above both sinks may be for you. Large mirrors have the benefit of uniting your bathroom and creating a single focus in the room.

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Double Mirror

A bathroom today is incomplete without the presence of a mirror. Because its function is not just to look in the mirror, but more than that, namely as a decoration that carries a certain feel in the bathroom. More and more attractive mirror designs make it easier for you to choose which one suits your taste. If you have a large bathroom, you can put a double mirror in your bathroom.

You don’t have to stick with just basic shapes when it comes to hanging your mirrors. If the rest of your bathroom design is simple, a unique and artistic mirror or set of mirrors can double as both functional and creative design elements in your bathroom.
Open storage on a sleek modern-style dressing table adds to the spa-like feel of this master bathroom. Instead of hiding your things, while shelves are perfect for towels or baskets, drawers are useful for storing personal items and beauty products.
Using two rectangular mirrors is the most common solution to the double vanity mirror issue. With two rectangular mirrors, each person is responsible for their own mirror and there’s never a competition for who gets to monopolize the mirror first
You can use a small rectangular mirror that also functions as a personal medicine cabinet or you can use a long, thin one that gives you a little extra reflection on a dressing table and two sinks.
Depending on how much wall space you want for your two mirrors, you can hang a large one or fill the entire wall with massive ones that reach up to the ceiling.
Just like a rectangular mirror, two square mirrors above the sink give everyone their own personal space and make them responsible for cleaning it.
Soften up your bathroom by using two circular mirrors. Without the hard edges of square or rectangles, circles create a more relaxed and calming vibe. 
The bathroom uses two round mirrors with edge edges without a circle. This creates a more relaxed and soothing vibration in your bathroom. It also gives you the opportunity to make the bathroom reflect who you are and what you like.
When your bathroom is on the smaller side, you want to see more floors. This style of choice creates a psychological space, making the bathroom look less crowded. The white bathroom vanity used here is perfect. It has a traditional closet design in the bathroom.
In the ship’s vanity sink is a contemporary rectangular piece that sits on a shiny white table. The cupboard under the sink is made of vinyl wood, while the wall above the sink is a glossy white tile. There are 2 square mirrors with backlights on the bathroom ceiling.
On top of the dressing table, two square mirrors with white walls that are the same as the dressing table, and on top of that, the white hiding lights provide shadow-free bottom lighting that is ideal for flawless shaving and spotless makeup. Gleaming faucets and steel fixtures offer beautiful capacity in the bathroom.

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Mirror in the bathroom in addition to its function as a preening media is also used to make the room seem spacious. Besides mirrors can also make the bathroom feel bright without the additional light. So you have to put a mirror in your bathroom because it has a function that you would not expect.

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