Boost Your Meeting Office Decor with 27 Our Ideas Here

A fresher meeting office décor–either in an office building or right at your home—will help improve your mood and inspire unexpected creativity at the same time. To achieve this mission, we have provided a list of ideas you can quickly implement at any time. New décor, here we come!

1. Be a Minimalist

Those who favor minimalism come with many reasons, but they’ll tell you mostly about its practicality and clutter-free qualities! If you, however, aren’t ready yet for full-scale minimalist office décor, going for subtle de-cluttering on the desks, drawers, and cabinets already make a significant impact more than you know.

The design of this office meeting room emphasizes the company’s industry by embracing the theme of the Social Movement. Its modern design, this office really gives comfort to all employees.

The two-tone chair completes this minimalist meeting room very well. Woven pendant baskets prove the traditional style can be fused with a modern look.

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The conference room in this office occupies a box with glass walls, while a more relaxing space for interaction is spread throughout the office.

Smooth surfaces such as white walls and terrazzo floors dominate the meeting room with no excessive decoration. This office adapts contemporary social models to the local Chinese environment.

This office juxtaposes metal and gray paint with fine walnut wood and brushed bronze elements. Minimalist meeting rooms work very well only with bronze couches and a few slim round tables.

By not including excessive decoration, this office meeting room looks very neat. Wooden table with a hidden cable that aims to keep the room clean and neat.

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2. Put Unused Spaces to Work

During your de-cluttering sessions, you probably will find several unused or spare areas that can be utilized to their full potential. Any square-ish space, for instance, can be transformed into a floating or built-in corner desk that won’t eat up many areas.

When not in use for meetings or conferences, large rooms in this office can be used to increase work productivity with a long floating table and several chairs.

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Because it is located in a non-privacy area, this meeting room can be a workplace for all employees and even relax during office breaks.

This LCD meeting room provides a relaxing space that can be used by all employees. With a glass partition, this room has transparent privacy.


Image source

Workspaces in this office are designed to trigger interaction, collaboration, and open discussion throughout the office. The integrated meeting room can be used to work when not in use.

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With a relatively small divider, this large office space provides a meeting room and workspace simultaneously.

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3. Outline Different Spaces with Rugs

As one of the best methods to create a wider room impression, carpets can be placed at home or office to highlight specific areas. Office rugs are also the same because you can lay them on the floors to assist in this purpose while still getting their warm vibe.

In addition to faux fur rugs as a focal point, this transparent glass box with a bright and bright design is used for the privacy details of attractive meeting rooms.

The meeting room in this office area is designed with oak cladding and has a graphic design. Round patterned rugs with thick colors add interesting drama to the decor of the room.

Some offices have decided to give a warm and attractive touch to the meeting area. The geometrical approach to the carpet makes statements throughout the room.

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The unique barrier that is used in the meeting area of ​​this office in addition to privacy purposes, is also a decoration. This brightly colored round carpet emphasizes the difference in the space around it.

This tube room, which has a glass partition and ceiling, is a modern, flexible meeting room. The round purple carpet with geometric motifs is an interesting addition decoration.

This orange oval carpet is the focal point of meeting room decor. With warm wood tones, this room becomes a meeting place that is both inviting and comfortable.

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4. Put Mirrors Up

Besides giving you the chance to get that quick look and change before the presentation, placing mirrors in your office room can make it appear larger and spacious. Office mirrors can be unusual, but they’ll quickly give any onlooker a warm and inviting feeling.

With an acrylic table and a luxurious carpet, as if nothing hinders decoration. A mirror with a gold frame adds a luxurious look to the entire room.

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The design of this meeting room is more focused on comfort than business. Wall glass is used to make a small room feel more spacious.

A meeting room with a large mirror on one wall creates a very relaxed atmosphere that will promote better friendship among the meeting participants.

Wall mirrors from floor to ceiling make this meeting room feel bigger. Premium seating will make meeting participants feel comfortable and comfortable.

With monochrome wall decorations and wide mirrors, this office feels more dramatic. A modern meeting room with a clean and neat atmosphere envelops the entire room.

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5. Don’t Forget Storage

The critical part of any room actually lies on available storage, regardless of how small it is. Office storage can come in separate boxes and containers reachable by all the workers easily. Consider those with room underneath to optimize space.

Simple meeting room designed with chalkboard walls. In addition to being used as a small vintage cabinet, it is also used as an elegant classic decoration.

Image source

This meeting area has a rather formal design. However, this does not make it unattractive. Open shelves on all the walls that surround really give the room an elegant appeal.

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This neutral color meeting room has a hidden cabinet that can be used to store various office files.

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Open shelves in this conference room can be used to show off office vanity decorations.

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The cabinet that is used as a table in this room also can be used to store office equipment. With a decorative outside appearance, they can work well.

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It’s time to boost your meeting office décor with those ideas above!

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