8 Recommendations for Your Comfortable Bathroom Design

To really make sure that you have the proper and comfortable bathroom design, you should considering to some things related to the facilities and interior. Basically there are some facilities that you should fulfil for your bathroom, but there are some others that might not become a must to provide. In this case, you have to divide on your needs and budget. Then, for the interior simply adjust it with the decoration style you want to have.

Simple Modern Design

If you want the easy one, you can choose the simple modern bathroom design. It is really worthy especially when you have the narrow bathroom space. Something simple can really create the spacious impression because the decoration won’t be crowded. For your advice, you can choose the neutral colors such as black, white, beige, or grey.

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Pattern Combination

It is awesome where by only providing the pattern can be the proper festive bathroom decoration for you. You don’t even need to provide the ornament to beautify your bathroom when you have the patterned tile for the wall or floor. Look at this white and blue patterned tile where even it only in soft and calm color but able to create the stand out ornament decoration.

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Functional Vanity

Vanity for the bathroom is really needed. It is because you have to put your things into the closed cabinet. You know that bathroom has the high humidity so that you have to protect you things not to be affected by the bacteria. For the kinds of the cabinet and the amount of the shelf or storage, adjust it with your needs. Make your vanity to be as functional as possible. Moreover, don’t forget for the sink that you should provide in the proper one. See more at functional bathroom vanity !

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Worthy Bathtub

The worthy bathtub will be different for one to another. It is because the shape of your body is also different each other. Then, the thing that you can do next is placing the bathtub near the window so that you can get the sun exposure and make your bathtub stay healthy. Don’t forget to provide the storage near your bathtub so that you can easily reach your bathing utilities.

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Greenery Inside

Greenery is also needed for your bathroom. Imagine that you can get sensation of nature while you are bathing. It will be fresh and peaceful because of the greenery inside. You don’t need to worry to provide the greenery inside since the humidity will make it has the less maintenance. What you have to do is providing the good sun light exposure so that you don’t need to get the troublesome to put it outside for the sun light.

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Proper Shower

Commonly people only spend a narrow area for their shower space. However, if you have spacious space for your bathroom you can left such a wide area for your shower space. Provide the different kinds of shower so that you can adjust your needs of water. It is important because you can save the water if you can maintain the use based on your needs.

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Good Lighting

When talking about lighting, it won’t only about the lamps or candles but also the real sun light exposure. You can install it into the ceiling, your vanity, or even near the bathtub. Then, for the glass window, make sure that you open the curtain periodically so that the sun light can come through your bath room to maintain the humidity.

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Good Air Circulation

Besides for the good natural lighting, the air circulation also needed to control the humidity. That is why you have to provide the window or at least a space or hole for the air to flow into the bathroom. With the proper air circulation, we do guarantee that you will have the healthy bathroom.

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