52 Proper Kitchen Design Ideas as the Heart of Your Home

The kitchen is the heart of the house, it is not only a place for cooking but you can use it to share our happiness. A place where cold drinks can bring us back to life. In this place we spend a lot of time when we are at home because not only for cooking, but also for interacting with family members.

To make delicious dishes not only requires spices and recipes. But also the spirit that is embedded in the self to cook. If you have high spirits to cook, whatever your cooking will be more delicious. That spirit can be encouraged by the existence of a neat kitchen arrangement. Of course you don’t want to not cook food in a dirty and dirty kitchen. Therefore you need to organize your kitchen so that it can look neat and comfortable.

farmhouse white kitchen
stainless kitchen island
ladder hanging rack
white kitchen cabinet
white wooden wall for your kitchen
small white kitchen
white kitchen island and bookshelf
white brick ceramic
traditional kitchen island
kitchen backsplash pattern
unique pattern tile kitchen
white and black kitchen tile
white themed kitchen
Unique chandelier like a chimney
long hanging rack for your kichen
some red brick kitchen walls
classic chandelier for your kitchen
wooden hanging to store cup
cute yellow chandelier
stainless chair for your kitchen
white and grey kitchen cabinet
modern farmhouse kitchen with white color
ball shaped chandelier for your kitchen
backsplash your kitchen using granite
Minimalist kitchen with dining table
Wooden hanging rack between the chyme hook cooker
Classic kitchen island
All white kitchen and classic chair
The hanging rack on the walls brick
White kitchen cabinet
Wooden classic kitchen island
Gallery wall for your kitchen
Black kitchen cabinet
Stainless rack to store kitchen utensils
White and blue kitchen
Cute flower wallpaper for your kitchen
White kitchen and industrial chandelier
Grey kitchen cabinet and long white hanging rack
Long hanging rack to store a few bowls
Unique pattern tile kitchen
White kitchen cabinet and hanging rack
Clever storage to store some ready-made spices
Unique pattern backsplash
indoor plant to get fresh air
modern farmhouse kitchen with bamboo curtains
white kitchen and boho rug
Yellow kitchen cabinet

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Kitchen storage at the corner
Wooden kitchen storage that matches your floor
Ladder hanging rack between the kitchen cabinet
Soft grey kitchen cabinet in minimalist kitchen
Modern farmhouse kitchen cabinet

Image Source

As one area that requires a lot of equipment as well as a place to store food supplies, the kitchen requires adequate storage or storage. Modern minimalist kitchen design on this one utilizes all sides of the wall to be installed storage cabinets. With a modern kitchen design with extra storage, you don’t need to worry anymore if the kitchen looks messy.

The concept of a modern minimalist kitchen that integrates with the dining room can be a solution to familiarize the relationship between family members. With the concept of a modern kitchen like this, you can still interact with other family members while cooking in the kitchen. Not only that, the process of serving food will be easier. Family members can immediately eat food that has just been cooked.

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