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30 Living Room Designs to Awe the Guests

Nicely arranged or organized living room designs take use of one-of-its-kind statements or pieces in the careful mixture. If you, however, are nowhere near this yet, you may need inspiration. Below, we have compiled five design ideas you can consider to make you and your guests comfortable spending a lot of time in the living room.

1. Choose a Bold Wallpaper

Bold wallpapers in the living room won’t overpower the room once chosen and installed correctly. Besides classic chinoiserie wallpaper, you can try modern self-portrait or abstract arts to get a stark contrast, paired beautifully with antique pieces or modern furniture.

When it comes to your living room, nothing beats the appeal of wallpaper with bold motifs. Floral print wallpapers with natural tones will create a soothing, comfortable and familiar feel in your living room.

Eclectic wallpaper prints will ensure to lend your living room an intoxicating atmosphere with a rich sense of play.

With this gray checkered wallpaper in the living room, everything seems to work easily without blending too much to make the eyes move.

If you are looking for living room wallpaper ideas that are full of personalities and games, consider ancient rural life printing as the best way to redefine a room while deceiving the eyes endlessly.

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Come back to the excitement of the 70s with retro designs printed for your living room wallpaper ideas. Bold and striking retro prints and warm tones make this living room not boring.

Thick motif wallpapers with bright colors like this will make your living room feel organic and culture by staying beautiful and balanced.

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2. Redefine Neutral

Neutral living room designs have been attracting people’s interest over centuries due to its versatile yet approachable nature in almost every home setting. You can rock this idea with a classic rug, peach-colored sofa, and light wood-paneled walls—all drawing awe without questions.

Modern living rooms give us many ideas that make an elegant neutral color palette. The gray walls collaborate with wood accents to create a soothing color in this living room.

Instead of using one color, you can use many different colors from neutral colors to decorate your living room. Beige and gray blend together creating a soft look.

The decoration of green plants in the vase on the living room table is the main focal point. With a neutral appearance, they give you the opportunity to be creative with prominent decorations.

When decorating with a neutral color scheme, it is important to present a variety of patterns and textures. You need some to make a contrast but try to stick with regular rules for mixing patterns.

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Neutral guest rooms can be calm and relaxing, but they can also be fun and full of life. Ornamental plants can accentuate themselves thanks to a soft neutral background.

This large abstract painting on the living room wall becomes the accent throw as well as the needed tinge of color. Its calm appearance makes the living room able to surprise.

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3. Bring the Fun to the Floor

Floors can be your sole remodeling purpose when you already place neutral-colored coffee tables or crisp white walls. Rather than going basic, you can imbue another surge of colorful energy through a bright rug for the living room.

The rug can be considered an accessory, but it can be the basis of a beautiful space. With fake tiger skin rugs, this modern living room is equipped with a natural yet luxurious touch at a time.

Against white walls, floors, and chairs, this round zebra-inspired carpet adds a surprising color and becomes a charming focal point for modern living rooms.

With patterns that contain meaning, the carpet in the living room becomes an amazing optical focal point. They do not mess up the look because the color is in line with some furniture.

You can take accent colors from the carpet palette with pillows and sofas for an attractive appearance. With a thick red floral motif that is not full, this carpet creates drama throughout the living room.

Weathering trends in the carpet are not only beautiful, but also smart. This style mutes the color that can overwhelm the decor which will only mess up the look of your living room.

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An easy way to decorate a living room with a timeless style is to choose decorations with a modern vibe. Find contemporary patterns in traditional colors, like this boho rug.

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4. Install Statement Lighting Overhead

Choose the lighting with a bit of glam by installing living room statement lighting with minimal brass accents. The reason is that you never want every element in the room to clash, and going light is always the safest bet. The result, however, still makes the entire space feel special.

For the main ambient features of your living room, choose a pendant to give your ceiling a definition and depth. This modern lighting is very important for extraordinary living room decoration.

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The magnificent fireplace in the living room is the hypnotic focal point. Additional collaboration between antique gold chandeliers and wall wallpapers graces the look of the living room.

This neutral living room looks luxurious thanks to the artistic wall decorations with golden frames. Chandeliers with similar tones add luxury without disrupting the neutral look.

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Along with the development of technology and light colors, decorative lighting is very important for modern homes. With a golden wheelchair chandelier, this neutral living room is like coming back to life.

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The gold accents on the mirror, the chandelier, and some of the furniture in this dark living room are the right tinge of color to represent a luxurious and elegant look.

Gold modern chandeliers and curled wall decorations make an interesting blend. With a neutral look, this living room is able to accentuate any unique decoration.

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5. Have Fun with Throw Pillows

Pillow throws in the living room may be a standard, but go creative with a gorgeous blend of styles and colors according to your preference. Once evoked with spacious neutral-colored couches and carpets, you’ll see how much all the elements paired together.Hopefully, there are one or two inspirations to take from the above living room designs!

This modern agricultural living room juxtaposes industrial and rural elements to break up the large and open living room. Throw pillows in accordance with the theme of the tone to make a harmonious look without much disturbing the view.

Proper furniture and comfortable throw pillows make a warm welcome for your guests. Ottoman with classic motifs perfects the look without reducing the function of this living room.

A comfortable sofa complete with neutral-colored throw pillows collaborates with wood elements to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the living room.

The living room uses saturated colors to bring a fresh and clean look to the entire room. Throw pillows on the couch inspired by nature to create visual freshness.

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If you want to keep using neutral gray walls in the living room, consider adding a warm accent color. Brown faux fur blankets and pillows instantly add a warm atmosphere to the room.

Apart from just paint colors, there are some interior design tricks that can make your living room have the illusion of a warm feeling. Throw pillows on a neutral sofa make a comfortable cocoon feeling.

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