These 28 Kitchen Organization Tricks Are Proven to Be Most Useful

Sometimes we can disregard the importance of kitchen organization, considering that we’re going to use the same ingredients and utensils again every day. However, an excellent organization in the kitchen can go a long way, especially if you want to be free from cluttered and messy look all over. See five ideas from us below to help you out.

1. Keep Your Coffee Tidy

And not just coffee: sweeteners, cream powder, and tea bags—all small stuff you need to make your favorite drink can be stored in kitchen transparent plastic trays so that you can easily spot and access them.

There are so many ways you can set up a coffee station in the kitchen. Use a homemade shelf to arrange coffee and a coffee machine, while hangers to arrange cups to make it look neat.

With multilevel metal shelves you can tidy up the mess about coffee in your kitchen. You can also add a hanger to hang a glass that has a handle.

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Create a cute area that is entirely devoted to very special morning ingredients in your kitchen area. Arrange coffee and tea in such a way as to make an attractive decoration angle into your home.

With a chart placed in the corner of the kitchen, you can control all kinds of coffee equipment to make it look neat. Add attractive decoration declarations to the wall to add interest in starting the day.

The combination of the bright blue rustic cabinet and the floating shelf in the corner of this kitchen looks very beautiful. Coffee jars and cups are placed in a sequence that is divided according to type so that you are easy to reach when you are going to make coffee or tea.

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2. Maximize Cabinet Space

Now, cabinets can get cluttered from all utensils or dishware you rarely use. Take some time to maximize the space by doing some kitchen cabinet rearranging: start from placing stemware glasses upside down, putting most often used utensils on the bottom part, to consider using nesting bowls.

Take advantage of the corner of your kitchen cabinet with drawers that embrace the right angle. A simple addition but provides additional storage in an interesting way.

This drawer in the kitchen cabinet ensures that the spice is useful for cooking while maintaining its delicate taste by protecting it from the sun, moisture and heat.

This kitchen cabinet drawer has two separate sections namely the inner area to hold large pots and the shallow roll-out for storing potholders, lids and trivets.

Make the most of your equipment drawer with dividers that organize your favorite utensils, knives, spoons and even spices.

The smart peg system allows plates to be placed in the base cabinet for easy lifting and organization. In addition to loading more plates, they provide space according to the size of the plates.

This narrow withdrawal provides storage adjacent to the sink for dish soap, scrubbing brush, and hand towels.

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3. Clean Out the Fridge

From weeks of putting vegetables, meats, cooking ingredients, and snacks, your fridge can be messy and smelly at the same time. Start eliminating unappetizing fridge smells, check for expiration dates, possible spills, and leftovers, as well as scrubbing the compartments—all to make the kitchen fridge cleanup much better.

See the expiration date of all your food one by one. Set aside and discard food or drinks that have expired.

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Remove all contents of your refrigerator including food and drinks. Be sure to move all food and drinks to a dry and clean place.

Wash one by one the rack with clean water and soap. Make sure you rub and rinse thoroughly.

Do not forget the inside of the refrigerator you also have to clean. Rub with a sponge and soap then rinse with clean water.

Using a clean cloth or towel, wipe one by one food and drink on the outside of the remaining moisture.

Organize food and drinks into the fridge according to your favorite locations so you can easily reach your favorite foods and drinks.

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4. Bag It Up

You can always bag kitchen stuff up alongside using storage containers. This trick uses the power of kitchen plastic bags to maintain your things in the canister, and many Internet tutorials are describing the method.

Large drawers with plastic bags can be made into recycling bins. A smaller drawer just above that can be used for towels, gloves, and sponges for washing dishes.

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You can make this plastic bag was hidden in the kitchen cabinet drawer as well as a multipurpose container in the kitchen while you are cleaning the kitchen cabinet.

Openings that are located right next to the kitchen countertop can you make a hidden kitchen trash can. You can hide it whenever you want.

Two large plastic bags in the kitchen cabinet drawer are useful for storing recyclable kitchen items. In addition, you can also use it as a wet trash bin.

By using a large plastic bag hidden under this kitchen cabinet, you can overcome the mess of kitchen trash and other unused items.

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5. Curb Your Plastic Container Obsession

Speaking of plastics, you should also check for any stained or ripped ones that obviously can’t be used anymore. Consider changing your existing plastic containers with kitchen glass containers afterward for an environmental-friendlier approach.

Moving all your supplies of seasonings and foodstuffs into glass jars is one way to reduce the use of plastic in the kitchen.

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Take advantage of vertical wall space by spreading wicker baskets that you can use as an eco-friendly shopping area in the kitchen area.

Glass jars in this kitchen cabinet are used to store herbs such as salt, pepper, and sugar. While the bamboo basket, you can use to store dry foodstuffs.

This glass kitchen cabinet keeps everything environmentally friendly. Woven baskets are used as a substitute for plastic that can harm the environment.

This kitchen storage rack is made of a material that is far from the word disposable plastic. Besides functioning properly, this storage decorates the kitchen in a soothing rustic style.

Wood and rattan in the kitchen storage room aim to reduce plastic waste. In addition to their natural appearance, they create warm tones throughout the kitchen area.

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All those five kitchen organization tricks above will surely be able to help you with the clutter problem in the kitchen.

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