28 Kitchen Design Ideas to Consider At Least Once

An attractive kitchen design that won’t stop you from looking and cooking every day will be a dream space to wish for. You don’t need, however, to start knocking down the walls and restart everything from the very beginning. Our five ideas below will give you a little start for the well-deserved upgrade.

1. Simple and Streamlined

In an era where modern style has been widely chosen, streamlined kitchen design comes with a sleek result that can be mixed with one or two bold colors. Make sure to confirm the furniture’s durability before purchasing, too, so the pieces can stay for a long time.

There is nothing that says contemporary or minimalist like an all-white scheme. Simple but effective, this prominent scheme makes a statement of modern efficient kitchen design.

This minimalist kitchen uses a cabinet with blue-gray pastel colors that are trending. The golden tinge of the cabinet handle makes the room more earthy and slightly warmer.

This rustic style kitchen with dark cabinet makes it the perfect choice if you want to design contemporary kitchens with high efficiency.

This very neat minimalist kitchen has benefits because it has the same color and shiny finishes, including kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Industry-inspired features make a unique addition to contemporary kitchens and can act as a striking focal point. Stove and sink are located opposite to make this kitchen comfortable to use.

If you want to increase the depth of your kitchen space, consider choosing dark wood. Minimalist concrete kitchen island works well without ruining the look of kitchen decor.

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2. Moody Hues

Without any meaning to lead you to be moody all the time, what we want to mention is colors like black, cozy maroons, or deep blues. Choosing stark hues for the kitchen can build that hint of a posh style, yet still adequately chic.

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Green is a beautiful color, but rugs, open shelves, tables, and everything adds to the color play and it will make a dramatic effect.

This kitchen features a domed ceiling and open beams as the center of the decoration. Dark stained floors, charcoal cabinets and black appliances in a beautiful room give a sophisticated flair.

Green cabinets set the stage for the feel of an upscale country club and formalities do not stop with marble counters and backsplash. While stained wooden floors, ceilings, and islands make things grounded.

A tinge of gold accents is the highlight of this moody upscale kitchen cabinet. This is an example of an anti-white kitchen that also has a sophisticated European look.

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3. Stacked Shelving

For those with upper cabinets, consider replacing them with nicely arranged floating shelves to build an airier and more extensive kitchen space. The kitchen stacked shelving will help you keep less-used items onto the top—making it a practical option for a storage solution, too.

The multi-storey floating shelves above the table in the kitchen keep the range of plates and cups every day so they are easily accessible and carried.

Open shelves on both sides of the stove keep the basic necessities, while open shelves on the island keep the grapes within reach while decorating the beautiful kitchen island.

These long stacked white open shelves almost appear to blend into the background and create plenty of room to store bowls, utensils and food in your kitchen.

This white kitchen has open floating storage shelves for displaying cutlery. While the shelves are piled in the bar area is the perfect wine glass.

Open stacked shelves that surround the kitchen area are the main focal points of the decoration. You can use it as a decoration as well as a place for kitchen equipment that you use frequently.

These wooden shelves are deep and separate, but they don’t have cupboard doors that make colorful colored plates and mugs act as kitchen decorations that are easy for you to reach.

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4. Stash and Hide

Speaking of storage, moreover, going for the stash-and-hide strategy can start from keeping the bulky appliances away. The extra room you get after kitchen de-cluttering will be able to help you add more beneficial fixtures, such as good ol’ baskets to store fresh seasonal goods.

The easy-to-grip body is great for correcting items on the top shelf. Makes it easy for you to save it again without making a mess.

You can use your kitchen cabinet door as a recipe while hanging smaller kitchen utensils.

Build the meat block board into a drawer with a hole just above the trash can. You can immediately remove the skin while chopping vegetables.

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Just when you think your cupboard is really full and they can’t possibly hold other objects, consider the underside. You can add hooks to the bottom to hold mugs and small tools.

If you have a cupboard that doesn’t stick to the wall, you have a bonus storage space of a few square meters to hang your kitchen utensils.

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5. Pattern Pile-On

Lastly, we suggest pattern pile-on strategy where your flowing creativity on certain patterns will be challenged in a series of piling method. Be sure to stack them according to your heart’s desire and take note that patterned kitchen design can clash if the equation is off.

Roll-out shelves make up most of the storage space at the end of this colorful kitchen island, and make it easy for you to access your goods and then neatly store everything again.

Shelves, pullers and shallow drawers will ensure that your kitchen offers space for everything and keeps everything in its place. It’s about making the best use of the space you have.

The curved cradle turns an ordinary kitchen shelf into a beverage storage center and allows you to store wine without fear of them falling off the shelf.

Position the corner to work with a rotating carousel-style rack for easy access to items in the back.

Store the root vegetables, such as onions and potatoes, will stay fresh longer by storing them in a cool place. Practical open wicker baskets, like this, provide good air circulation.

Hide away storage is the key to keeping the kitchen neat and clean. Pantry-style shelves and pull-out drawers maximize storage space in this narrow kitchen cabinet.

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Aren’t all these kitchen design ideas being worth considering?

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