51 Most Pretty and Proper Bathroom Flooring Ideas

Basically, there are some things that you can do with your bathroom flooring. Those things won’t only about beauty but also for the effectiveness related to its function and capability. Remember that the bathroom won’t be the same with the other rooms where it should be maintained well because of the humidity that may come into the room. Here, providing the proper flooring is a must for you so that everything could be in good harmony.

Hence, the material of the flooring is the most consideration that you should take concern of. For your references, you can have marble, wooden, concrete, pebble, and more. Each of those materials will have a certain characteristic to create the impression or style concept you want to bring into your room. We have prepared some of the bathroom flooring ideas that you can adapt on down below.

Patterned beige floor tiles with cabinet and bathtub.

Patterned black and white floor tiles with cabinet and ceramic walls.

Black floor tiles with black edges and a red sink.

Dark gray concrete floor tiles with patterned walls

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Black pentagon floor tiles with white tile walls

Victorian tiles with gray walls

This dark gray slate tile adds a beautiful industrial touch.

Beautiful porcelain tile with dots.

Starred black floor ceramic pattern

Small hexagon tiles with flower pattern

Polished marble mosaic hexagon tiles.

Patterned black and white floor tiles with very nice sloping ceilings.

Mosaic marble tiles with matching walls and furniture

Moroccan tiles look very chic, sophisticated and expensive.

Marble tile in the same color shade with the things surround.

Black and white marble tiles

Black and white ceramic with sun pattern



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Black and white hexagonal tiles.

Wood pattern ceramic flooring

The night sky-inspired floor tiles

The bathroom floor tiles in receded pattern

Hexagonal floor tiles in black color

Black and white triangle pattern flooring

Brown wooden floor

Different colors honeycomb ceramics

Chevron tiles in brown and white color

Black and white hexagon tile floor

A certain different modern pattern ceramic flooring

Wood and ceramic flooring combination

White and green ceramic flooring


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Basketweave bathroom tile pattern

Wonderful white floor tile in hexagon shape

White hexagon tile for bathroom rustic style

White hexagon tile combined with all white bathroom concept.

Terra-cotta tile floor for rustic look

All white honeycomb flooring

Wooden flooring painted in colors to form the pattern

Patterned black and white tile

Mix and match bathroom tile with dots pattern

Marble mosaic floor in random pattern

Limestone bathroom tiles

Large hexagon bathroom tiles

Patterned tile floors in beige color

Herringbone bathroom floor tile

Fish scale tile floor

Wooden flooring in painted pattern

Black and white checkerboard bathroom tile

Brick paver bathroom floor

Black hexagon bathroom flooring

Black herringbone floor tile

Black and white geometric tiles.

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For your consideration, you have to choose the right flooring based on your needs and of course your bathroom condition. In case you have the bathroom that doesn’t have any sunshine access or the one without good air circulation, you can’t choose the wooden floor. It is because your floor won’t be durable since wood can be exposed to the water too long. Moreover, it should be in a dry condition.

Otherwise, ceramics will be the best choice for you since it will last longer than the wood even when you let it wet in a long time. Hence, it also has several different types and designs from the pattern to the shape. However, it might won’t fulfill your needs in creating warmth in the farmhouse or rustic atmosphere. That is it won’t fit for you who want to have those two styles. Simply choose the one that can be the proper flooring based on your bathroom condition.

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