30 Ideas for Warm Wooden Bathroom Flooring

When talking about the wooden floor, there will be so many choices just like your other home parts flooring. From all of the choices that available, the wooden floor can be the good one for you. It is because the wood has the characteristic that allows us to get a warm atmosphere. You know that even the bathroom needs to have a warm atmosphere since it is a place where you can have your quality time releasing your stress and tired body with warm water.

However, there are some things that you should consider if you want to have a wooden floor for your bathroom. Those things will be related to the wood characteristic where they can not stay long in a wet condition. If you want to make it durable, you should maintain the humidity and strive on how to keep it dry. Well, before we move to the other talks, check out the following warm and calming wooden bathroom flooring ideas first.

Bathroom floor with wood which cut it rectangular pieces could be a good choice for your bathroom floor.

This wooden bathroom floor has the same woodcut as the previous one, however, it has the red brick hint color for the wood than brown.



The floor has dark brown wood material which can be combined with the white bathtub to make it looks harmonious.

The wood used in this bathroom floor looks really harmonious with the surrounding material colors. Look at how it could be matching with the rattan planter too.

This time, the wood material used as the floor has more bright color to make it match with the white wall. Moreover, it is also useful to create a calm impression.

image source

The wood floor here combined with the honeycomb ceramics with the wood accent for the shower room. It is important because you can’t apply the wood into your shower room as it won’t durable.

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Look at the black stain that exists on the wood that used as the floor here. It looks really natural, right? Combine it with the white bathroom color scheme concept for the sleek look.

Different colors wood that applied to the wall might look simple for you. However, it can be such an effective way to make your wooden floor doesn’t look boring.

The combination of this white bathroom color scheme looks really harmonious with the bright wooden floor material which is awesome.

The bathroom floor here is made of rectangular brown wood on a wide-scale to create the spacious bathroom impression which is worthy.

Installing the wood for your floor into this arrangement could be really effective to create additional beauty. You can combine it with the ceramic material for the bathtub so that your wood floor will be more durable.

With the dark grey wood color, you can have the advantage which when it is littered, it won’t be seen and exposed too much.

Harmonious is the impression that this bathroom trying to give you. Look at the floor, wall, and even the furniture that has the same color shade.

This bathroom has a neat and well-organized wood installation. It is really fit for you who want to have the wood floor material and the modern touch at the same time.

The floor is made of dark brown wood that combined with the bathroom to make it looks more charming.

The pattern that this wood has made it looks really natural. You can apply the same wood material into the ceiling so that it looks harmonious.

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In small rectangular cut, this wood can be arranged as the floor with this zig-zag form. Then, the dark wood color can create a fierce impression.

The material combination applied here can make your bathroom has a unique and artistic look. Especially with the black shade pattern which is awesome.

image source

The wood material installed as the floor here has the weathered look that sometimes can be really effective to create the old warm atmosphere.

Simple is the impression that this wooden floor trying to bring. Combine it with the stone wall for a more natural touch.

For the beige color scheme, you can apply this beige wood material for the floor. The beige wall and furniture will a really perfect match for this.

Although the floor and wall have different materials where the floor is in wood and the wall is in stone, but it can be a really good match since it has the same color shade.

image source

With a slim cut, this wooden wall can also match with the marble wall material. It is because those two materials are in nature element.

image source

It is quite the same as the previous floor where the wood is created in a slim cut. The difference is on the material combination where it uses unfinished cement wall material.

image source

Although in a sleek look, this wooden floor has the weathered impression which can be en effective way to create the vintage look.

The sleek dark brown wooden floor here added with the rug near the bathtub to protect it from the wet.

In a wide-scale cut, this bright wood applied into the bathroom as it will give the room a spacious impression. Add it with a white rug for a good match.

With a simple arrangement and installation, you can match this wooden floor with the same wooden cabinet and wall for a really harmonious look.

In a really slim cut, this wooden floor gives you a certain impression that you won’t get from the previous wooden floor designs. It looks neat, artistic, and unique.

image source

Let us now talk about how to deal with the wooden material flooring so that it could be durable. The first simple thing is by providing the rug so that when your feet are wet, you can step on the rug and keep your floor dry. Then, you have to make sure that you apply the wooden floor into the dry spot in your bathroom. Don’t apply it in your shower room and give the divider between those two spots.

Then, the other thing you can do is providing the window that can allow the sunshine comes in your bathroom. It could be the best thing to keep the humidity of your bathroom. Hence, the last one will be air circulation. Besides the sunshine, air could be the other solution to manage the humidity. That’s all that we can share to maintain your wooden flooring bathroom. I hope it could be useful for you.

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