21 Impressive Patterned Ceramic for Your Bathroom Floor

Although a bathroom is a place that commonly has space limitation, it still really worthy to be given with the patterned flooring. It is known that the patterned one will make the room looks even narrower. But, in case you want to get the beauty for your bathroom by using the patterned flooring, then you can always have it. You don’t need to be worried because there will always ways to deal with space by adjusting the other things inside the bathroom.

Black and White Ceramic

Black and white will be colors that bring the modern characteristic. However, you can still combine it with other styles like farmhouse or classic. In this case, you just need to adjust the pattern and the application. There are some ideas of this black and white flooring that can be in the form of complicated patterns or just by simply playing with the lines. For your inspiration, you can look at the following pictures.

In honeycomb shape and different colors, this one could be really simple yet pretty. In addition, the flower pattern will add beauty to your bathroom as well.

This black and white ceramic with the classic pattern can really effective to create beauty in this industrial bathroom decoration with a grey color scheme concept.

With the flower pattern that has four branches on the white base ceramic, it can be really matched with the modern black and white bathroom concept.

With the same previous ceramic pattern, it won’t only match to be combined with the modern style, you can even have it for your farmhouse bathroom decor concept.

The small pattern can also worthy to be applied for your bathroom especially when you combine it with the white plain wall ceramic to calm down the small complex pattern.

This one has a simple motif with a small dot shape for the white bathroom floor. Then, you can add other motifs for the edge of each corner with the black line.

White ceramic floor concept that added with black motifs in small patterns and has a very neat look. Matching it with a black and white modern bathroom concept will be such a good choice.

The striped motif in a unique line in this bathroom ceramic can really create a modern style impression. That is why it is combined with sleek black and white scheme.

Having the black dots ceramic motif is also really worthy of your modern bathroom. You can install such an artistic and luxurious chandelier to make the bathroom looks more awesome.

This time, the black color is dominating the ceramic color scheme. By surrounding it with the white wall, you can calm down the bathroom atmosphere.

image source

Colorful Ceramic

For you who love pretty things and should be presenting it in any part of your life, then the colorful ceramics could be the solution to bring the beauty into your bathroom. It could be by simply applying the common patterned ceramic or you can even have the mosaic style which will be really awesome and artistic. Anyway, not only for the floor but you can also apply the ceramic to your wall. Check out the following application references!

The different ceramic colors are applied here to create a certain motif. Although only in a square shape with different sizes, the color combination makes it pretty enough.

image source

Blue seems to be worthy too to be combined with white and black color. Look at how peaceful this bathroom with the blue additional color in the ceramic pattern surrounding by the all-white color scheme.

Patchwork motif not only can be applied to your fabric material. You can on how unique this bathroom flooring with the patchwork tile style.

This bathroom floor looks like mosaic flooring which is unique and artistic with its random pattern.

image source

If you have the small bathroom space, you can simply apply the patchwork ceramic into your floor only. Here, if you apply it on your wall too, you’ll make your room even narrower.

Honeycomb can also become an interesting ceramic shape. Especially with the colorful one where you’ll get extra beauty.

The installation of this bathroom ceramic has triangular shapes with different colors make the floor decoration looks more enchanting.

image source

In a small square shape ceramics and with some different colors. This bathroom flooring looks pretty with its random ceramics arrangement

.image source

There are two different ceramics both for the colors and the shape. The first one is the square ceramic and the other one is in the mosaic pieces.

This one is the classic themed bathroom floor decoration with the patchwork flooring style and the weathered bathtub which is really natural and artistic.

Image Source

For you who still questions on how to keep your small bathroom looks spacious even with the patterned ceramics, then let’s talk about it more. Basically it is really simple where you just need to adjust the other things color and design. For example, if you have your crowded flooring design, then you can simply make the wall and furniture to be in a plain and simple design. Really simple and easy, right?


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