How to Deal with Your Bathroom Floor to Make it Awesome

The function of the bathroom now is not only to shower or change clothes. Many architects, interior designers, and sanitary brands treat the bathroom as the ultimate place of relaxation, even more than the living room. Therefore the selection of the right bathroom floor not only makes bathing more fun but also has an interior effect that affects the overall appearance of the bathroom.

Wooden Tile

The wood motif that gives the impression of warm and comfortable in the bathroom

Use elegant and warm wooden tile ceramics for your bathroom floor. Not only does it look more character, but the bathroom floor is also not easy to get dirty like a bathroom floor that is dominated by white. For those of you who like the rustic style, ceramic wooden tile motifs can be the right choice!

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Marble Tile

Not only the surface, the pattern, but the pattern and color of marble also vary greatly. Each style, pattern, and different colors have their own uniqueness.

This floor, which is constructed from natural stones, is favored by many ages because its smooth and beautiful appearance can make the room look luxurious. This type of flooring has many different types and characteristics. That is why the installation cannot be applied in any place. Marble is formed from a long, natural metamorphosis process. The process makes the marble layer thick and hard, making it more durable when used as a bathroom floor.

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Patterned Ceramic

If the floral motif feels enough to fill the space, choose a plain-colored bathroom wall.

An achromatic bathroom or black and white color combination are always suitable for all design styles. For floor motifs can vary, ranging from geometric, abstract, floral, or natural. Adjust the color of your door and window frame, between black or solid white. So that bathing in a bathtub feels more relaxed, flower-patterned bathroom floors are very suitable, especially for women. This feminine motif will make the bathroom look elegant and charming.

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Slate Tile

use of slate tile for different shades in the bathroom

Having a beautiful residence can be done by designing a ceramic house model. To create a cool natural feel, you can use a model of natural stone ceramics. Slate or natural stone material you can also use as a bathroom floor tile. The plus-value possessed by this slate material is its strong durability, not easily cracked, not easily scratched, and available in many choices of styles and colors. If treated properly, this material can last.

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Pebble Tile

To bring natural freshness to the bathroom, you can use a pebble tile as a stepping stone replacements

In addition to using ceramics, to get a safe bathroom tile can be done by using gravel tiles. The roughest tile that can be applied to this bathroom also has a high aesthetic value and is unique. However, due to the nature of the solid and hard stone makes it has a low absorption. So, when using gravel tiles, you should line them with epoxy paint. For installation, tips can be done by widening the distance between the gravel.

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Concrete Tile

Cement bin is made based on the imagination and intelligence of the designer in playing colors, shapes, and arrangements.

One of them that can inspire the bathroom floor is unpolished concrete or cement. This material is said to be the most waterproof so it is not easily damaged. However, like ceramics, concrete can also be slippery if not cleaned regularly. Concretes tiles are actually concrete tiles because they also contain marble and sand.

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Stone Paver

Paving blocks come in a variety of models and colors so they are comfortable to look at, besides the view of the yard or garden does not seem rigid.

This floor model is very famous for its uniqueness. The color, motif, and texture are guaranteed to captivate every view. In fact, you can determine your own preferred paving floor model which will certainly make the residence feel more alive and not monotonous. No need in the whole room, this floor model you can install in certain parts as the center of attention.

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Patchwork Tile

The use of patchwork tile allows you to create unusual interiors with beautiful patterns.

Choosing the right bathroom floor not only makes bathing more fun but also has an interior effect that influences the appearance of the bathroom. One of the choices of bathroom floors that are increasing hits, mosaic bathroom floor with a neutral and calm look can create a perfect and unique contrast in your bathroom.

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There are so many aspects that must be considered if you want to make a bathroom that is comfortable to wear to relax like one of them is the bathroom floor. Ceramics is one of the most familiar interior materials and we often use it. One of the rooms in residential which is close to the use of ceramics in the bathroom. However, due to the relatively small size and nature of the room that is always wet, we need to understand tips on choosing bathroom ceramics.

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