53 Simple Yet Appropriate Kitchen Coffee Station Ideas

Some people think that having a special space for the coffee station is needed in the kitchen. They might think that if those coffee are placed in one station it would give the look of the kitchen or any room to be more neat and clean. This coffee station also could give another value to space where this station is on. Are you one of them who has the same thought about the necessity of the coffee station? So, here we would share some ideas for you to make it true.

First, you need to decide what kind of design that you will apply to your kitchen coffee station. Commonly, it will in-line with the whole room design. However, there are 3 favorite designs recently are modern minimalist, industrial minimalist, and rustic. Besides, it is also not difficult to find what color suitable to your coffee station after you have decided what design that is fit in.

The contrast color for the cabinet to get more eye-catching

large black chalkboard with wooden frames

Simple small wooden table station coffee with wooden racks

DIY hanging rack wooden pallet to store cup and cans

hanging chalkboard as rack board to store coffee supplies

Industrial style with iron stainless to store a few cups

Classic white cabinet coffee station

Farmhouse style coffee station that is presented in the corner of the room

Flexible white coffee stations are easy to move

wooden pallet chalkboard for station coffee

black iron storage to store a few cups at a corner of the room

blackboard that is presented as a simple decoration for the coffee station

Image Source

Flexible white small station coffee

Modern design with gray station coffee made from wood

Rustic-modern style with wooden hanging rack

farmhouse station coffee

black station coffee

large blackboard with the caption as a chic decoration

minimalist coffee station

Rustic wooden coffee station

Classic rustic coffee station

small station coffee at the corner kitchen

industrial storage for the coffee station

smart storage for hidden coffee stations

black iron hanging rack

table lamp on the coffee station

classic station coffee with sink

Flexible colorful coffee station

simple and classic station coffee with natural wooden

station coffee at the corner with pink wooden table

Image Source

the white theme for the coffee station to make it look classic modern

industrial coffee station

the small coffee station at the corner

the industrial coffee station that integrates with the kitchen

hanging rack made by glass

the coffee station made of wooden pallet

the minimalist coffee station that becomes one with your kitchen


wooden pallet formed by love

Image Source

farmhouse coffee station

natural wooden cabinet in the coffee station

good lighting presented at the coffee station

white hanging rack

The modern coffee station combines with marble table and white paint

vertical rack for the coffee station

A coffee station with a white theme

wooden hanging rack combines with blackboard

Flexible small coffee station

wooden hanging rack at the corner

classic cabinet for the coffee station

simple coffee station with a metal table and coffee maker

blackboard and wooden hanging rack

black iron storage

Image Source

After deciding the design, the next thing you need to consider is about what furniture is fitted with the design. Mostly, the materials used are wood. Try to use a simple coffee station because you don’t need a big space only for the coffee station or it depends on your desire. Two important things that you need to provide are racks and cabins to store coffee stuff. Other things that you need to provide as the complimentary things to your coffee station are the tray, cups, blackboard with captions, and lighting.

Even though this coffee station is a small station commonly, but this is a necessary spot that you need to provide to keep your kitchen neat and clean. Sometimes for some ornaments or decorations can be done by your self (DIY). But, you need to make sure about the quality of your masterpieces. Plus, don’t forget to install a lamp with perfect color fluorescent. It will add more value to your kitchen coffee station. And last, don’t forget to keep clean and neat.

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