22 Small Kitchen Coffee Station Facilities You Should Provide

Having a coffee station is really recommended for you, it is because facilitate your self for something you like is really great. Anyway, sometimes it is hard for you to have your own coffee station because of the space limitation. Don’t ever make it as your barrier because there must be something that you can do to deal with space. Here, we do advise you to have it in your kitchen. Just left a small space for this and make use of some storage to put your things. Check out the following ideas!

Applying the Rack

The rack is the key if you have a small space for your kitchen station. You can arrange it vertically in stages as much as the things you need to store in there. You might have the rack under the table of your kitchen station or above the table. Simply adjust it based on your space possibility. Here are some rack examples that you can adapt for your small kitchen station.

The bar is more awesome with the chalkboard frames. It is very pretty to have a small space under the table for plants and bottles. Then, add it with lighting to make it more interesting.

The open shelf that uses natural wood material can be used to store the cups, while the two-door second shelf is used to store stock coffee needs.

This rack uses an open concept with wooden material and then painted in white color, so you can take the glass from any side and be flexible.

Farmhouse vertical open rack ladder on the side given wooden box is highly recommended if you want to bring a coffee station in your home because it looks simple.

Coffee ladder rack neatly arranged to make this station looks practical. Moreover, the glass, coffee making machines, and other appliances will also look neat.

Open shelves at the coffee station which have two levels that can store all available coffee ingredients. Use two wood pallets to create additional shelves for coffee mugs.

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The classic white cabinet is utilized as a coffee station that implements open shelves. Then, all your coffee equipment needs neatly arranged.

Farmhouse-style vertical rack at this coffee station will look practical because it prioritizes only to put the jars containing the coffee.

It is suitable if you bring along a wooden hanging rack at this coffee station to store a few glasses and coffee equipment.

Wooden hanging rack here used to store how many cups to be neatly arranged. Then, add it with the blackboard to give the additional ornament.

A hidden coffee station here utilizes the cabinet door that used to store some coffee station appliances.

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Applying the Hook

Beside the rack, hooks are the other way out for your small space limitation so that you can store your things effectively. Sometimes putting the mug or cup in the open rack is quite risky. It is because it can fall down easily since it doesn’t have any hasp. That is why putting it on the hook is the best solution for your mug and cup to be protected well. For some different kinds of hook, you can check on down below.

Modern farmhouse coffee station that presents a hook on the side of the cabinet that uses iron material to make it looks classic at once.

The hanging rack installed to store coffee equipment where it is given with the hook on the bottom part to store a few cups so that they are neatly arranged.

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The wooden pallet shelves hung on the wall for this coffee station that also given with hooks to store the cups.

The long black iron used to hang your cups will make it looks simple and practical with its simplicity.

The framed and weathered window can be reused for something more useful, like bringing a hook to store your cups. Moreover, it will make your coffee station looks rustic.

Wooden shelves hung on the wall by applying a hook to hang your cups so it doesn’t take up a lot of space and looks practical.

The wall art here made of wooden pallet that is presented at this coffee station should be given hooks to hang your cups.

The wooden rack at the top can be used to store some farmhouse-style ornaments. Then, you can add the standout industrial metal basket with a hanging bar for mugs.

There are three hanging racks of all precision that can be used to store several cups. Here, if you want to put more cups, you can hang a hook at the bottom part of the shelves.

The black square pallet here used to create the ornament where at the bottom of it you present a hook to hang a few cups. Then, it is also useful to make it looks neat and feel the touch of a farmhouse at this coffee station.

The long wooden rack has two levels at this coffee station so that if you want to put your cups neatly, you can bring the hook behind the hanging rack.

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For your small kitchen station, those two things are the best that you can do so that you can have the functional one. Since for your coffee station you don’t need to be too much, then simply putting something important is the main point of this. Well, you might put some ornaments but better for you to put the simple one. Choose something that won’t make your coffee station looks crowded.

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