22 Modern Designs for Your Kitchen Coffee Station

In case you want to have a modern design for your kitchen coffee station, then choosing the color is the easiest way. In this case, black and white are the simplest ones. Basically you can combine those two colors together, but if you want to have a simple look, then better for you to decide the color scheme and use that as the color domination. It is useful not to make your coffee station looks crowded.

Dark Black Color Scheme

If you want the cheap one, you can simply use the blackboard to give the black color. It can be multi-functional because you can write or paint the board and make it as your coffee station ornament at once. Anyway, you can also use the black color for the cabinet or rack, just simply put the possibilities. Well, when talking about the character, black is matching for you who love the fierce look.

This coffee station applies a black background that is combined with wooden hanging racks to store several ornaments.

The open shelves made of wooden black material used to store a few glasses and your coffee stock.

Apply a blackboard wall to write some related statements with your coffee station concept. Then, you can add a wooden hanging rack to store the cups.

To apply a dark-themed coffee station, you can bring iron hanging rack and black granite table to support your needs.

The black wall made of a blackboard can really create the modern look in a simple way. There, you can present the rack to put your things and make them even more functional.

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This dark coffee station theme is suitable for you to apply to your house with a farmhouse nuance, then present a long wooden hanging rack that has two levels.

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Simple yet functional is the way this coffee station builds its impression. Look at how it could be used to store many cups and coffee stocks at once.

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Although placed in the corner of the kitchen, but it is worthy enough since it could cover all the needs of the coffee station. It provides the table, rack, and even the cabinet.

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This coffee station looks really sleek and modern. You can see from the rack design that brings modern touch and even with the sink.

Festive and impressive is the image that this coffee station has. You can see from the colorful things added to the appliances and storage.

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White Color Scheme

White color gives a sleek and clean impression which will be really matched for you who love something calm, smooth, and clean. Since white is a calm color, then it will be ok! for you to apply the color in all parts of your kitchen coffee station. Or, you might also combine it with other colors a little bit if you think that the all-white is too boring. What you need to do is do not apply the other colors too much as it will lose the sleek and clean impression.

With all white concepts, this coffee station looks really simple and so much worthy to create a clean and festive impression.

Although in all-white coffee station concept, this one doesn’t look boring at all because of the ornament provided.

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Chalkboards and message boards greet you at the coffee station. Then the application of the white wooden cabinet twill makes it looks bright.

This coffee station, structuring by adding a few bar stools or chairs next to your white coffee station. Then, to make it looks bright, apply your wall using ceramic white brick.

Not to make your coffee station looks quiet, you should fill it with bright color stuff with mixed patterns to make it looks pleasant.  Simply use the white storage that can be used as the table.

The white wooden kitchen cabinet which is used as a coffee station will also look bright where the table uses light gray granite.

This simple white coffee station presents this small acrylic wagon that easily fits into narrow spaces and looks elegant.

This coffee station includes the hanging racks, hooks, baskets, and boxes for extra storage which is really worthy. Then, you can apply it to the corner of your kitchen not to spend too much space.

This coffee station does double duty as a coffee and wine bar. With all white concept, you can make it doesn’t look too much.

This white coffee station has a sleek and modern appearance that is recommended for your home. This coffee station also has clever storage to store everything about coffee.

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The white coffee station which presents open shelves made of white iron to store the coffee machine tools and some neatly arranged cups.

The all-white coffee station that you apply could be great if you give a touch of greenery to make it looks fresh. Although one single indoor plant, you can create such a huge difference.

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Between black and white, both are really effective to create a modern impression. In case you are confused about how to choose the right color, simply adjust it with the image you want to bring into your coffee station. Or, you can also choose the one that matches well with your kitchen decoration style, so that you can make it looks in harmony. Again, you’ll be better to provide the matching appliances to get a perfect coffee station design.

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