Good Things You Can Do with Your Kitchen Coffee Station

The cozy atmosphere of the coffee shop can actually be brought home so that the activity of drinking coffee is no less interesting. You do this by juggling the kitchen and making certain spots at home into a coffee shop setting like in a mall. The ambiance is expected to appear and become a comfortable place for coffee with family and friends.

Applying Farmhouse Style

Illustration of a tiny coffee shop at home that uses a lot of vintage elements.

Use matching colored wood furniture on tables and chairs so it doesn’t seem cluttered and messy. For a farmhouse style, you don’t need expensive furniture, stacking racks and dining cabinets can be cool interiors for coffee at home. Simplicity is the key to the style of the farmhouse. So you only need to provide a table or cupboard and a place to put hot water.

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Adapting Sleek Modern Style

Using modern equipment will make your kitchen coffee practical.

Combining black and white as the dominant color of coffee shops at home is also a very interesting practical trick. Monochrome is a space decoration technique that can give a simple and modern look. The use of black and white that dominates you can also be explored and combined with unique patterns. Coupled with the presence of a hangout that can give a cool and sweet impression. Also, the addition of frames and furniture that has a monochrome color, will further strengthen the impression of modern minimalism.

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Installing Rack

Put a rack for coffee is a simple way

You can change the corner of the room into a coffee place by placing a rack. Then you change the rack function as a place to put coffee. This design is very minimalist and does not require a lot of costs. The interior used is indeed not luxurious but is enough to make the atmosphere of drinking coffee more enjoyable.

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Installing Hook

The hooks on the cup are very practical and make your coffee kitchen station neat.

Installing hooks for glass storage saves space. This can also make your station’s kitchen coffee look more presentable. So that guests or your family become more comfortable to sit relaxed in this place. other than that it can be a decoration in your coffee kitchen station.

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Installing Lighting

Lighting is very influential on the atmosphere of your kitchen coffee stations. Choose classic lighting to make it more interesting.

One of the important factors in the design of a room is lighting. Lighting will give the atmosphere in the room. This will also relate to the concept that you want to display. Apart from that, the lighting will give a different food appearance. The right light will provide an appetite when eating food. Good lighting does not only rely on artificial lighting from lamps but also natural lighting during the day.

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Set Up Ornament

By placing ornaments on the kitchen coffee station, it can sweeten the look

With a calm and comfortable atmosphere, you will feel comfortable for long here. To make this happen, classic and cozy coffee shop interior decorations and ornaments are needed. The ornaments can be in the form of flowers or other small objects. You can put ornaments around the glass or you can also make a decoration on the wall.

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Providing Cabinet

The kitchen cabinet in the kitchen is very useful to make a neat kitchen coffee station

Kitchen cabinets consisting of the top and bottom can function as a place to store glass, bottles, and equipment for making coffee. This cabinet is very useful for keeping your kitchen tidy. Besides that, this cabinet is also very helpful for creating a neat and comfortable kitchen coffee station.

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Providing Basket

Basket is one of the accessories in the house that is relatively cheap. The shapes and sizes vary, so does the color. If all this time you used to use the basket as a trash can or put a pile of clothes, then another function is you can put eating or drinking utensils in this basket.

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Coffee shops are also often used as a must place as a meeting point for old friends’ reunions, or just to do work and read favorite books. Interior design that gives the impression of comfort, as well as jazz music that fills the whole room, clearly gives the impression of instantaneous metropolis life. Well, for those of you coffee connoisseurs, in fact, you can also create a comfortable atmosphere in a coffee house comfortably.

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