56 Most Proper Bedroom Lighting Ideas You Can Adapt

Can you imagine that even the lighting can give such a wide impact on your bedroom decoration? It is really functional where you can use it to expose your things well by installing it in a proper position. Or, if your bedroom is not that spacious as you can’t even put too much ornament, then you can simply use lighting as your ornament. Of course, you have to find the right lamp design and the right spot to be installed.

Hence, you can also utilize the lamp to create the illusion which will make your bedroom looks dramatic and aesthetic. You won’t believe how the lighting illusion will bring out the awesome ambiance to give you such a good quality of rest. Even more, you can stay in your bedroom for a long time and feels like it is too lazy to go out of your bedroom. Take a look at the following lighting applications to give you inspiration.

Wall lamps and storage shelves

Lights in the bedroom ceiling

Rectangular lights on the wall

Yellow light inside the gray wall

Black sleep light

Pendant lamp for bedroom

A simple room lights on the wall

Yellow lights on the wooden wall

image source

Round yellow light

Hanging lamps and some inside the walls

Black lamp on the wall

Nice white chandelier

Hanging lights in the beautiful ceiling

Yellow chandelier

Modern lights on the walls and ceiling

Simple yellow sleep light

Modern yellow lights

Sleep lamp beside the sleeping mattress

Sleeping lamp on a wooden table

Square shaped yellow bed lamp

Beautiful white chandelier

image source

Round silver chandelier

Modern small lights

Modern lights in the ceiling

Lights with a modern theme and look good on the wall

image source

Umbrella shaped bed lights

Small tubular bed lights

Umbrella shaped chandelier

Lantern shaped lamps

Yellow pendant light and table lamp

Round yellow chandelier

Unique shaped white light above the storage

White and round pendant light

Chandeliers with classic motifs

Hanging lamp with a half tube shape

Black long pendant light

image source

Chandeliers with beautiful candles

Hanging lamps with classic motifs

White chandelier that has a unique shape

Candle chandelier with a round frame

Candle chandelier with an old metal frame

Tubular pendant lamp

Multilevel candle chandelier

Small rectangular white lights

Small modern lights on the Wall

Yellow chandelier with black round frame

Modern white fan chandelier

Classic themed chandelier

Round chandelier with small shape

Nice round chandelier

Fan-shaped chandelier

image source

There are several different kinds of lamps that applied from the references above. You can see how one bedroom can install more than two different lamps which are absolutely allowed. Here, you will get the beauty that you need because the combination of the lamps will create a certain atmosphere. Again, male sure that you choose the right lamps so that you can get a good combination.

Hence, not only for the beauty but different lamps also needed because you might do different activities in your bedroom that will need different lamps too. For example, you’ll need your table lamp right beside your bed so that you can use it when you need to light up the room in between your sleeping time where the main lamp is turned off. At last, fulfill your bedroom needs in lighting and don’t forget to choose the right one for the beauty and the function at once.

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