28 Artistic Sconce Lighting You Can Install to Your Bedroom

Talking about bedroom lighting, there will be so many kinds of lamp designs and possibilities. From all of that, let us talk about the sconce lamp that can be the additional bedroom lamp which is functional to be utilized to beautify your room at once. For you who do not know yet about this kind of lamp, the sconce is the lamp that affixed into the wall. For the bedroom sconce, it commonly applied beside the bed in the upper part.

For the kinds of sconce lamp itself, you can have it with the handle or without the handle. Both are worthy where the difference will be on your own taste and needs. For those that have the handle, you will be able to move it to expose the spot that you want. It will be even more functional although the design might won’t be as varied and artistic as the one that doesn’t have the handle. Check out the following references.


Your bedside light is one of the easiest ways to add a splash of color, texture, pattern, or contrast to your bedroom. Here, choose a fabric or paper lamp for the cover that can be slightly damped so it is not too contrasty and bright.

One of the easiest ways to save space in your bedroom is to use a hanging lamp instead of a bedside lamp.

Wall sconces are the best way to save space in a tiny bedroom, as shown here. Plus, when the candle holder has adjustable arms which is very attractive.

Track lighting on the wall can more often be used in the bedroom, this can have a dramatic effect when used to highlight artwork, such as in a contemporary bedroom.

Every bed needs some form of a bedside lamp. You can match your lights, as you do in this colorful bedroom, or choose lamps that are suitable for a more casual style.

This room has an eclectic retro feel from the bright white opaque wall lamp fixtures. Lampshades are the best way to add color shots or patterns to your bedroom.

The adjustable light bulb is a masculine design for a modern design. Here, the Interior uses several white themes to set a calm masculine style that most women will like.

Here, a contemporary bedroom that showcases two fantastic lighting designs, modern wall lamps, sleek and stylish sconces.

Modern marble sconces lamps provide maximum light that can be used to read and add a modern style to men’s bedrooms with simple marble shades.

image source

Bedroom wall lights are a great way to add functional value and beauty at once. Just like these gold sconces that can create a luxurious look for sure.

For contemporary bedrooms, the wall lamps are in attractive but classic shapes, such as torches, which can look great. Choose one that has frosted glass for soft lighting that spreads in all directions.

Adding a wall lamp will add lighting and comfortable light for night reading. Be sure to choose equipment with a strong design and inset glass shade for safety.

For warm lighting, place luminous bendable wall lights on both sides of your bed. The elegant style that is woven is a great choice and will add the sophistication of modern and contemporary styles.

Adjustable wall lamps are a practical and useful choice for bedside use. For additional functionality, look for lights that are dim and that allow adjustments to their angle and direction.

image source

Wall lighting next to the bed is an easy way to give your bedroom a new look. For cleanliness and familiar nuances, look for simple bedroom wall lamps with classic features.

Slim design that combines appearance with metal accents. This type of equipment will provide lighting and work especially well placed on both sides of your bed on a simple bedside table.

Wall lamps by the bed with adjustable arms are perfect for reading in bed and then moving them comfortably when not in use.

Let the art of light emulate by installing a wall lamp that shines from behind the beautiful metal front. Adding a lid on it will allow the lighting to be adjusted for mood.

Swingarm lamps with beautiful white shade and metal accents are a classic choice for traditional shades in your room. The swing arm lamp is not only a classic design but also very comfortable for adjustable lighting.

image source

For an attractive futuristic look, choose a bedroom wall lamp that has an unconventional but very useful design. This lamp is fully adjustable from a central pivot point which provides a modern and intimate crossroads.

This one has a modern aesthetic look for fixtures with a touch of antique brass and clean industrial lines. When table space is limited, choose equipment with adjustable arms that will illuminate your place.

Metal funnel lamps can have very attractive shapes, such as a flowing design with an elegant aesthetic. Choose a diffuse light from above for ambient light that is perfect for your bedside wall.

Bedroom wall lamps are not only good for bedside lighting. For beautiful accent lighting, use wall fixtures that provide perfect lighting to accentuate bedroom architecture like on a wood headboard.

Fully adjustable wall lamps are one of the best choices for bedroom wall lighting. Either directed to the bed for task lighting or directed to a sleek and stylish lighting fixture that has a modern feel and adds functionality to your space.

Add a wall lamp as a decorative accent. With an inverted organic pot shape and an unexpected texture that throws ambient light in all directions for an attractive appearance.

For enhanced functionality, look for a wall lamp that includes an adjustable reading lamp for direct task lighting that can be adjusted. For a contemporary feel, choose equipment that has a clean shape and a dark color with the walls of your room.





image source

For taking interesting bedside wall lights. You can direct one side of the lamp on your bed to read the illumination or adjust the position of the light vertically to pull up and to the side.



image source

Using a pair of equipment that fits on both sides of your bed, add a spotlight that can be set directly behind your bed or above your bed to light up your unique artwork or headboard.

image source

Since sconce lamps are really varied on the designs, then you can really utilize it as your additional decorative thing in your bedroom. From our references above, you’ll find out that this kind of lamp can even be designed to create a certain style that can support your room decoration style concept. For example, if you have a classy or french bedroom style, then you can simply apply the gold sconce color. That will be really great, right?

Then, talking about the light exposure, you can set it to face down leads to your bed or face above into your ceiling to give the accent. That will be really effective to create the beauty for the upper part of your bedroom as you can enjoy it while laying on your bed. Find out the one that fits your bedroom decoration concept and your needs, of course. Go to the store and get your own sconce lamp!

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